A place for little faces


Img_0942_resizeI decided it’s about time that my faces had somewhere to call home but with a limit on finances for art supplies at the moment & not quite having what I wanted, I tried to be innovative with what I had on hand.  Which, amounted to a surplus of office supplies.  So I cut up some paper foldersImg_0938_resize & reinforced the edges of Img_0944_resizesome large white envelopes & eyeletted one side for binding & punched a hole in the other end (with the flap) so that I could add a string or ribbon tie.   It is quite soft & flexible, but save for decorating the fronts of the envelopes & general doodling (which I left space for) – I won’t actually be working into the book, just using it to hold all my bits & pieces & drawings, so it’s ok that it’s not that sturdy.   It’s function is really more of a folio, rather than a journal as such.  The sides are tied together loosely with some narrow ribbon.  I might change that in time if I come across something that particularly appeals to me, but for now, this looks nice & it’s functional enough.Img_0935_resizeImg_0941_resize


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