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I know that heading is a little alarming – but it needs to be.  I help to moderate the fabulous mixed media yahoo group called Paper Traders & every year since our inception, we have had a Round Robin Journal Project & I have hosted the project for the last 3 years.  For the uninitiated, basically – 12 people (our limit) make a journal, decide on a topic, then send their journal of on a travelling adventure around the world.  The journals rotate monthly, and each artist makes a page in everyone's journal until they finally recieve their own back.  Each time we have done it, there have been glitches along the way & sadly, we have people who have not honoured their commitments and literally just not sent journals back to their owners – but what happened this last month has taken the cake!  This month it appears that a international, priority paid, tracked & insured parcel has been very carefully opened (SO CAREFULLY – I can't see how it's been done) and looked through the 3 journals & the other contents of the box – and decided to keep one of the journals and the extra bits & bobs sent to me by the previous artist – and carefully seal the IMG_0002_resizebox back up. 

The box left USA weighing 5lbs 8.5oz and arrived to me in Oz weighing barely 4lb.  Despite there being no signs what so ever of tampering, the box was crushed down one side where the journal and other things 'had been' and now the two remaining journals moved around in the box.  That's where the fun began – despite having all of the safeguards in place, no one could tell us (person who sent parcel, me as recipient or the missing journals' owner) at what point the weight of the parcel changed.  A claim has been put in for insurance, which is SOMETHING at least for the trouble, but I am sure that we'd all just prefer to be able to post our art and know it's safe.  I have to say, I have posted things all around the continent & the world for years, and for the most part, I haven't had a problem.  THIS ONE takes the cake though!   I would caution anyone reading this to think carefully about what you write as the 'contents' of a parcel sent.  You need to use words that are 'honest' for security reasons – but not descriptive enough to raise the interest of any 'would-be' thief.  Perhaps words like: book, paperwork, printed matter, if anyone has any others, it'd be good to hear them.

As host, I felt just terrible about this happening – especially as the pics I had seen of the original journal showed that it was fabulous (no wonder 'peeping thomas/thomasina' decided to steal it!).  The subject was 'The White Rabbit' and being a big Alice fan, I had things on hand that I thought I would be able to use to restore the journal.  It's not perfect, but it is better than getting nothing back.  So here's some pics of the a couple of pages & the cover of the new journal, including a couple of litho etchings I did as my own contribution to the journal.

IMG_0001_resize The Red Queen's Birthday Party IMG_0004_resize IMG_0003_resizeIMG_0021_resize IMG_0009_resizeIMG_0022_resize


A few recent Art Journal pages


No time to chat – we are off to the movies to see the new Baz Lurhman epic call Australia.  I am looking forward to seeing it as there has been a heap of trailers and advertising about this movie.  These are some of my art journal pages from the last few days – some sad days – other days a little more hopeful – these are signs of light and I welcome them.

I-feel-hopeful-web I-feel-bland-web Desolate-Places-web

travelling clothes


I conceed that yesterday’s post was incredibly bleak – sorry about that – TravelplanswebI don’t know how many of you took the time to view the video – but it’s really incredibly validating for art & I know that you will really enjoy it’s message.  I am up & down & all over the show at the  moment….. and you’ll notice – I still prefer to be hidden…. even in art – it is my default protection mechanism.  They say there are usually only two responses to significant stress – fight or flight – I am DEFINITELY flight – however then it’s HIDE…..  I DO hope that NOT all of my art is BLACK – and that YOU won’t hate EVERYTHING that I produce in the next little while! LOL!  As you can see – even in the darkest night there are shades of other tones…… & perhaps light will come out of some of that from time to time.  I am off to paint chooks today in Jenene’s lovely art journal – The BackYard Chook Shed…. in the hope that a whimsical topic might produce some of that ‘light’

a new journey



I am going on a journey – I don’t know whether you will be able to come with me – I am scared to even take the first step – but I must – or die – I am drowning – a couple of days ago, I said that I was breathing – so I was ok – today I can’t breath – today – our little darling is to be cremated – ashes to ashes – dust to dust – angel dust…… a magic sparkle – a tear that starts a flood………

I can’t make trivial art – I can’t draw happy faces – I can’t – I can’t – my art will be black now – and you might not like it – but it’s where I have to go and I hope to re-discover the light by making a journey through the dark