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Alice Wonders


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 He’s my new take on the Japanese accordion fold out book, begun on my art date on my recent trip with the VERY lovely mARTina. Fashioned into a vintage book cover with ‘topiary’ art nouveau styled rose bushes on a red cover, it was begging to become an Alice project.
As you may be aware, I have been part of several Japanese Fold Moleskine exchanges over the last few months and there are two things that I find somewhat limiting. Firstly the size – there is the size there is – and that’s all! (about 6 x 4in) AND the paper is NOT really an artist paper – & ESPECIALLY NOT for mixed media – so it protests & falls limp anytime you even suggest a wet medium to it! BUT, I have to say, I am getting a little hooked on the ‘continuum’ effect of the folds of the paper & so wanted have a go at creating one of my own, and then the chance to put it in a vintage cover sealled the deal!
I have used molding paste to fill in the original title, then alcohol inks & stamping re-inkers to colour it back up –  – I will probably end up making a metal name plate for it and cover it over, as it’s a bit ordinary looking in the flesh . As the original book was quite thick, it meant I have had to make my accordian quite long – so I might be working in it for 10 years – but I have loved Alice all my life and there will always be something to add to it. OF COURSE – a new project would never be complete without a new TOOL to buy (thx AGAIN M!) I have a VERY well stocked studio, although I have managed to some of the more recent ‘must haves’ and try to be selective with my purchases as to whether I will actually get good use out of it (after buying a TOTALLY useless gimmick wide stapler that doesn’t pierce ANYTHING!)…….Having said all that – mARTina introducted (Princess 4’s word) me to a ‘scoring board’ Now all you card makers out there would know about these and already probably have one – but as an altered artist and book artist – I hadn’t heard of it! I scoured far and wide (which was an expensive exercise in itself because I ‘had’ to make purchases all along the way! LOL!) and eventually found my new best friend…………the Martha Stewart Scoring BoardMartha Stewart Scoring Board. mARTina had the ScorePal one, however due to the line spacing, she recommended the MS one – and mARTina – it is MUCH better for book making – I guess for card making it wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but page size has to match the cover when repurposing vintage books – so the 1/8th inch spacing on the MS one is great. Sue has done a comparision of the two if you’d like to read it here. Keeping in mind that IF you are a US reader, the prices may matter – for us Aussies – we pay top dollar regardless of the brand! SO just get the best tool! LOL! The MS one also has a nifty envelope folder that tucks in to the back of the board and the bone folder that comes with it is finer – so your ‘score lines’ are also finer.

(OH – and if you are still reading this on TYPEPAD – please change your link to WORDPRESS have this great feature where you can instantly create a slide show in your post from photos you upload, without having to use a third party tool (slide, piccasa, etc) – SO there are more pics of the book before, during & after on THERE!


A Long Tea Party


Img_0524_resize Img_0482_resize

Img_0529_resize Img_0492_resizeImg_0511_resize I have created this new Alice treasure to showcase the FABULOUS new clear stamps from Alpha Stamps & collage sheets released this week.  Oh MY Goodness – they are great & I can’t wait to use them for our up & coming ‘Sally’s Tea Party’ in September, as well as lots of other fun Alice things.  This is the treasure I was working on last week that I couldn’t show you yet……. it’s about 5" wide x 40" long & winds around a vintage Plate7wooden thread spool that I bought in France.  My inspiration was the incredibly long table in the ‘rackham’ image of the ‘tea party’ scene – I wanted to create a tactile impression of the table stretching out before Alice – & her dwarfed by it’s appearance.  I have done lots of stitching on this piece so it has a kind of ‘applique’ look – each of the little panels are stitched to each other, & the images are bordered with stitching as well. I have used delicious vintage lace – some napkins with gorgeous tea cups on theme (I made this pre-release of the new ‘tea cup’ collage sheets now available) Although I was excited about creating it – I didn’t realise what a monster I was making to photograph – so sorry the images are a little disjointed.  Here it is all joined together, however, given the download constraints for the size of the image, it’s not all that clear.Tea_party_web

this is the DAY


WELL – this is the day that I can finally reveal to you the projects I have been working on  lately – there is only 2 – actually more than 2 – but that’s a whole other story, which you will get more of as the week unfolds.  TODAY the first COLLAGE SHEETS designed by me were released through Alpha Stamps & can be ordered world wide via their online store. The first ones are about Alice, as Alpha Stamps has a whole raft of Alice collage sheets & fabulous clear stamps newly introduced this week.   I am very excited for these two to be out there & there are already Isthatalicewebmore in the pipe line – but for now – TWO is it! 

The first one, is a whole collection of girls that could be Alice, at a glimpse called ‘Is that Alice’ for anyone who is a ‘dyed in the wool’ Alice fan, there is limited material available to work with – two traditional styles of illustrations Tenniel (in B & W) & Arthur Rackham – which I adore – in colour in a scrawlly line drawn style of the Art’s & Crafts period – a little dark & not too colourful.  The pics on my collage sheets are to give a bit of artistic license & a variation of style on your Alice creations.  All beautiful faces – they are in varying poses & shapes – ready for your imagination!

My designs are registered under uRban driFTwood.  I know that’s a bit of a strange name (although apart from Smith & Jones – what’s a ‘normal’ name???? LOL!)  My design tag ‘Urban Driftwood’ relates to the pleasure I find in the ephemera of our everyday life & my need to turn it into art that tells a story.  I will have an Etsy store online called Urban Driftwood sometime in late 2008,  but that is a bit of an evolution process & I am just not sure what that’s all going to look like (ie artwork, prints, supplies????? hmmmm – still Iwonderwebruminating on that one)

The second sheet is called ‘I Wonder’ & is a mixture of text, faux postage stamps (created from Arthur Rackhams illustrations) & Alice words & titles.  The text has been carefully crafted (believe me – HOURS of work) to create ‘lines’ of text & titles for your creations & should prove to be quite fun to play with.  The black & white illustrations are the traditional Tenniel illustrations & are great for ‘colouring up’ with pencils, markers, H2O’s or whatever your favourite medium is.  I would love to have feedback from Alice fans about these & hear what you think & ESPECIALLY see (have a link to) anything you make with them!

The ones that I have in the pipeline are of varying topics, but as a collage artist with ‘evolving’ drawing skills (I AM NOT saying I CAN’T anymore!!) I rely on found images alot to tell my stories – so there are varying sizes – expressive faces – interesting words & phrases for you to use……I will let you know when they are released.