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A new project


As a further stretching exercise for my drawing skills, I have joined into the Moly-X group and begun swapping Japanese fold out Moleskiene books with other artists.  The process is the same as mixed media projects I have been in, however the art is primarily original work instead of collage.The 'standard' media used is the Moleskine Japanese foldout book which is about 9 x 14cm.  For my first one, I am have the honour of exchanging with the amazingly talented Jennifer Kraska – OMGOOODNESS – how lucky am I?!?!  Jenn & I have been online art buddies for a while & I am excited to be doing this project together. 2 Title Page web

My first Moly-X book (I have already been invited to participate in a second one!) has been Inspired by the singing of Britian's Got Talent superstar – Susan Boyle (I CAN'T believe that YOU haven't heard of her – but there's the link anyway!@) -this Moly takes it's que from the words of 'Memory' from theatre production Cats – while in general I am a 'live performance/ballet/theatre person. I am NOT a cat person, so it was a show I have never given any consideration to seeing.3 Daylight web 
The lyrics of the song have been taken literally, with no particular reference to the production.

you may see an odd stray cat wandering through, or veiled references, but the book is not  either about cat animals OR Cats the show.

LINK TO LYRICS: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

LINK to CATS performance of Memory: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (I think this is Elaine Paige)
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