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Winter Warmers


Img_0365_resize It has been SOOOO cold here in Melbourne over the past couple of days, I just had to make some of my Winter Warmer Soup….. it’s the first time this year…. reminding me that the cooler season is on our doorstep….  I LOVE the change of seasons…. each of them holds special things… I love the colours of autumn (fall) we are experiencing at the moment as trees prepare to sleep……. I love the comfort food of winter & the smell of slow cooking & the feel of a soft woollen jumper and cozying up to the crackling of an open fire…..slowly the days lengthen and you see hints of new life & buds start to appear & little nodes from early bulbs push their way into the light or Spring & very soon we are surrounded by a riot of colour & glorious vistas wherever you look……..before you know it Christmas is upon us & it is summer…… long, long, hot, hot days……days that feel like they will never end, particularly when there are two or Img_0595_resize three at 40+ degrees C (105+F) days in a row……we swim, we barbeque, we wear light clothing & enjoy the light & the sun & the prosperity of soul it brings…….and the seasons turn again as the days shorten & the cycle of seasons begins again….. I learn to be content & have peace from observing the seasons, knowing that we all endure both summer’s & winter’s in our lives……and are evermore richer for them both.

If you would like the recipe for my soup……….see the continuation below…..this is my own recipe, not from a book, so it is only for your personal use, not for republishing or reuse in any form.

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