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a little more art


here's a couple of bits 'n' bobs that didn't make last night's post – iE was being a BEAST & kept dropping out – URGHHHH!  Very frustrating – in re-reading my post – it does seem a little 'point form' & truncated – sorry about that - the POINT was – I kept loosing it every time I'd insert an image……….so here's a couple more that I didn't get to last night.Wings-of-peace-web this is a LONG over due tip in page - for LONG – suffering Hermine……..
   These are quite little & cute – 5 or 6 inches square – the words, which are both typed & written on the wings are -  you shall write peace on my wings and I will fly all over the world……..written actually of the 'peace crane' by a 13yo girl who contracted Lukemia as a legacy of the bombing of Hiroshima.

this is my latest EDM drawing after Van Gogh….the topic was supposed to be the view from under your bed – well considering my bed is only about 3in off the ground – I couldn't really imagine much else than the lines of the bottom of our robe doors on the adjacent wall – which wasn't very inspiring… I deferred to Vincent….I am studying him at the moment a little at college – & I am working up a 4 colour lino cut of Van Gogh's Starry night – I can't wait to see how it works out – as it is only 15cm square, I have cut the pic a little - I hope it's ok – I am in excellent hands I have a great tutor this year for Printmaking workshops.
4-238-From-1st-Aid-kit-web the next EDM challenge was something from your first aid kit – when I looked, the bandage seemed appropriate – the leaf was a hitchiker – I must have found it at some point and put it in there because I liked it's colour or texture or shape – SOMETHING like that – I probably picked it up on some job site & liked the look of it and put it in there for safe keeping – oh – and FYI - the first aid kit is where I keep all of my interesting 'found pieces' LOL!!   Enjoy your week – speak soon! x


Washing off the Dust


Without a Trace

Given that it's 'holidays' from collage at the moment, despite a 'truck load' of home work leading up to final assessment, I just HAD to let my hair down and do something just for fun!  It WAS only a LITTLE fun – this ATC was made for Paper Trader's monthly 'Winner Takes All' draw.  It ended up a little over worked, and the 'rub on' looks a little contrived, however, I had built up so many layers that I couldn't get anything to make marks on the surface (even 'Staz-On' paled to insignificance). 

Of course, there HAS been SERIOUS art work as well.  I have been working hard on my 'life drawings' at the moment putting a lot of time into drawing hands.  (which is also the subject of my oil paintings – can't WAIT 'til THAT trial is OVER!!!).  I am going to make a separate post for this because I want to create a 'catagory' for my life drawings, without people who'd like to see them having to 'wade' through lots of other stuff included in the same post.

It's a bit ironic that I am spending so much time drawing hands really, as movement in the joints of my right arm and hand is still a big health challenge and coitersone with a daily pain management drug regime is still my best friend!  In theory, my art course was supposed to relieve the stress that is apparently causing my 'joint' issues, in reality, I am not sure whether it is better or worse as the stress builds for assessment!   LOL!!!  I never have been very good at 'evaluations' – I find it hard to separate the 'assessment' from myself when the thing being 'assessed' has come from within me.  I guess it'll all that sensitive/creative type stuff.  Still – it's not my favourite thing and I cringe when people ask my opinion of their art, not sure if they really just want to be told – it's great (aka – you're ok) or here's how you can make it better (aka – let's work together to improve this).

If, as Picasso said 'The PURPOSE of Art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls' in theory, the quality of the art doesn't matter.  It is THAT you do Art that does.  And so, I hold to the maxim I adopted about 18 months ago.  I am an artist – therefore I do art!  DAILY – it's what I do.


Here this is my art from the last week or so – tip in pages for Connie's journal.  BUT silly me, I had an old print out with the original configuration in landscape and it was revised to portrait, so I ended up doing them twice!  Once I realized my mistake (AFTER they were finished & I was posting them! LOL!!!) I initially thought I could 'cut them up' and make a 'joined' page out of pieces, adding appropriately to them – but that really didn't work out, so I only managed to save 2 of the 'mounted' picures.



The Many Shades of Blue


Many Shades of BlueThe Many Shades of Blue RHS As an alternative & to create a more economical option for our Paper Trading members, Paper Traders have run a 'tip-in journal' concurrently to the Round Robin Journal this year.  The term 'tip-in' is actually a traditional book binding term, primarily refering to repairing or restoring books – meaning: 

'a method for incorporating loose pages — a detached leaf, replacement page, errata sheet, or other insert — into a bound volume.'

Silly me, I was already participating in the RR, then joined the 'tip-in' project.  Whilst I find the freedom of creating single unattached pages a little less intimidating than recieving a living art treasure each month in the mail – coming up with something for someone else's journal every second week has been a big ask & I have fallen behind a little.  These pages were made for Bekki's journal…. Blue is………… inviting participating artists' response to the colour blue.  I had great fun with this – finding the gradation of any colour in some from or other mesmarizing.  I started out with Neocolour II watercolour crayons on guache to get this composition going – then I added 'textured hatching' with my tech pen & then H2o highlights.  It has a kind of zentangle look about it, & it was fun to do.



I know that heading is a little alarming – but it needs to be.  I help to moderate the fabulous mixed media yahoo group called Paper Traders & every year since our inception, we have had a Round Robin Journal Project & I have hosted the project for the last 3 years.  For the uninitiated, basically – 12 people (our limit) make a journal, decide on a topic, then send their journal of on a travelling adventure around the world.  The journals rotate monthly, and each artist makes a page in everyone's journal until they finally recieve their own back.  Each time we have done it, there have been glitches along the way & sadly, we have people who have not honoured their commitments and literally just not sent journals back to their owners – but what happened this last month has taken the cake!  This month it appears that a international, priority paid, tracked & insured parcel has been very carefully opened (SO CAREFULLY – I can't see how it's been done) and looked through the 3 journals & the other contents of the box – and decided to keep one of the journals and the extra bits & bobs sent to me by the previous artist – and carefully seal the IMG_0002_resizebox back up. 

The box left USA weighing 5lbs 8.5oz and arrived to me in Oz weighing barely 4lb.  Despite there being no signs what so ever of tampering, the box was crushed down one side where the journal and other things 'had been' and now the two remaining journals moved around in the box.  That's where the fun began – despite having all of the safeguards in place, no one could tell us (person who sent parcel, me as recipient or the missing journals' owner) at what point the weight of the parcel changed.  A claim has been put in for insurance, which is SOMETHING at least for the trouble, but I am sure that we'd all just prefer to be able to post our art and know it's safe.  I have to say, I have posted things all around the continent & the world for years, and for the most part, I haven't had a problem.  THIS ONE takes the cake though!   I would caution anyone reading this to think carefully about what you write as the 'contents' of a parcel sent.  You need to use words that are 'honest' for security reasons – but not descriptive enough to raise the interest of any 'would-be' thief.  Perhaps words like: book, paperwork, printed matter, if anyone has any others, it'd be good to hear them.

As host, I felt just terrible about this happening – especially as the pics I had seen of the original journal showed that it was fabulous (no wonder 'peeping thomas/thomasina' decided to steal it!).  The subject was 'The White Rabbit' and being a big Alice fan, I had things on hand that I thought I would be able to use to restore the journal.  It's not perfect, but it is better than getting nothing back.  So here's some pics of the a couple of pages & the cover of the new journal, including a couple of litho etchings I did as my own contribution to the journal.

IMG_0001_resize The Red Queen's Birthday Party IMG_0004_resize IMG_0003_resizeIMG_0021_resize IMG_0009_resizeIMG_0022_resize

Secrets & Journals


Losses from last week and HOT HOT weather have left me a bit listless and flat…… grasping for my muse………I CANNOT believe how many people I have spoken to recently that have embarrasingly confessed that they are or have been struggling with depression…….I am sure it is the modern day PLAGUE…….it seems that many people are suffering days when hope is hard to find and the future seems too bleak to contemplate………

What creativity have managed to summon has been directed to finishing off some work that is not due for release yet for Alpha Stamps – I will be able to show you soon – it's an exciting project & one that I have loved doing…….. last weekend I finished off these two projects.  I created these pages for a tip in journal about cats…….SO-fisti-Cats-web

and these pages for an RR journal about Water & the Sea

…..I have done a little drawing…. but nothing remarkable……… these are a couple of my more recent ones……….042-I-am-Thankful-for-web

Sliding Doors


Miss-Charlotte-webAs the door to the carriage slammed shut, Miss Charlotte looked longingly at the carefree looking gypsy girl in the street and wondered what it might be like to sleep in a wagon, to sleep under the stars, to sit around a campfire to keep warm……. free from her minders & watchers & the bitter chill of winter that had settled on her life. Selina-web 

Selina looked longlingly at the fine carriage pulling up just in front of her & watched as a young woman, resembling a frightened kitten got in.  She wondered what it might be like to sleep in a real bed, in a quiet room and to have enought to eat & to be warm……. free from wagon life & the intrusion of other people's wakefulness and the bitter chill of winter that had settled on her life.

These Journal pages are a double 6 x 6 page opening on colourfix paper, made for another Paper Trader's tip-in journal – this time on Gypsies.

Tipping In to Birds again


A-Bird-in-the-Hand-web  We have a little glitch in the mail and sadly one of our RR journals has not shown up.    While I was waiting, I thought I'd get a bit ahead on my 'tip in' pages.  The next topic, due in December was 'birds, nests & eggs', so I thought this was a great chance to try out another little feathered friend.  My 'hand' is a bit manky – but it IS recognizable as a hand – I must say, I HAVEN'T found the 'Dynamic Hands' book from my birthday books as helpful as I had hoped……it's all a bit skeletal and muscle bound & while it's probably technically perfect, I haven't found it very artistically inspiring or helpful……these pages have been created on hot pressed 300lb Fabricano Artistico watercolour paper.  I painted it with a very light wash of gesso & water.  Then used Neocolour II's to create a 'loose' background of blue sky, mid toned foliage & a sepia foreground.  I stencilled the foreground in acrylics and stamped the sky and the tree line in place in chalk stamping inks. I used acrylics, chalk & pencil to paint in the hand & the bird.  Lastly I did some minor embellishment IMG_1251_resize stamping of leaves & tiny birds in the background.  I am often asked about how I go about these stencils – the trick is in the laying out of the paint.  Firstly I lay out the colours I want to use……..building up a couple of millimetres (1/8th inch) using a paddle stick to spread it down on waxed paper (or freezer or baking paper would do the trick – waxed paper is just cheaper).  I then 'blob' some dark (paynes grey, diox purple, black, umber) and some light (white, yellow, pearl, beige) across my lines. (sorry I forgot to take the second pic) I then use a big sponge & dip lightly into my paint 'bed' – trying not to 'muddy' the colours too much.  Then blot lightly onto my stencil.  You can use blue tac, repositionable adhesive or masking tape to hold the stencil in place if you like, but I usually just manage with my hands.IMG_1252_resize

A Very Zetti Christmas


ZETTI???? You Ask?????  Am I at the right blog???  Yes, it's true – I have taken a little detour into the land of Zettiology.  A term coined by Teesha Moore for nonsensical, whimsical characters.  The next 'tip-in' journal is called 'A Number of Zetti's' & the requirements for the 6 x 6" pages was to, in Zetti style, use numbers.Zetti-Christmas-web I have REALLY struggled to get this design going, however, once I worked out what I could do, I really enjoyed the whimsical silliness of it & had fun.  Not enough to actually do it again though, I think this paper is destined for the play basket for The Princess.

The Fairies in the Dell


Thefairydellweb_2 the fairies in the Dell of the Infinite River needed to keep an eye out for the Acorn Pixies.  The Pixies took The Magic Gleam Fish from the river.  When they did, the flowers all wilted & died & they had no fairy dust to help them to fly.  These 6 x 6" watercolours were created for Linda’s fairy tip in journal.  I mostly used watercolour pencils for this one – because it gave me better control when creating small subjects – however I used my Neocolour II’s for the background, as I got the best coverage with these…….of course – you can’t see the whole story because the fairy dust and the moon glow doesn’t show up in a scan….but believe me – it’s magical!

He Gives His Angels


I am over yesterday’s rant – thanks for your support on that one!  BUT NO, my phone situation is NOT resolved – I just couldn’t face another 2 – 3 hour battle on the phone today.  I guess the thing that I was left with was wondering why I felt that I had to justify to some idiot stranger that me being at home & not working is just a temporary situation – that I am actually an interior designer & I will be back in the workforce soon – so YES – I AM a worthwhile member of society!  Silly me.  But, oh have I had fun today – basking in luscious Golden Heavy Bodied Acrylic ‘Iridescent Gold’ – YUM – it is almost edible!He_gives_his_angels_web_2   Due to the scanning process, you don’t see much of the detail in this piece.  The border is created from a vintage bible with verses about angels…. which have a fine coat of gold to make them shimmer – but transluscent enough that you can still read the text if you want to.  The wings are stamped up with Brilliance Pearlescent Beige & the centre section is painted gold, then has Ranger Crackle Paint applied over the top.  The angel’s garment is stamped with Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink.  The face is purposefully a little on the pasty side, & a little chalky looking, in an attempt to create the feel of an old ‘peeling’ icon piece.