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Open for the business of GIFT GIVING


As I am sure it is for you, our house is in the throws of preparing for Christmas, what a wonderful time of year it is.  Yesterday we had the 'grandies' over and AS WELL as celebrating Master Toby's 3rd birthday, we put up our Christmas tree.  I LOVE how the smell of the pine permeates the whole house (WE ARE REAL TREE people!). 

In the process of sorting all of my college stuff from the year I have uploaded some of my original prints onto bags, mugs, SIGG bottles & other goods.  As most artists would be work with the challenge of trying to both develop your artistic skills AND stay financially fluid at the same time. Hopefully, your support of my Cafe Press store will do that.  So, here's the link to my store –

I'm sure you'll find something there for a special person in your life – ooo, and check out the 'maternity tops' – just for fun!

I've had a couple of computer challenges recently, which has caused me major concern, I hav, for the last 2 years been using a 1TB (huge) external hard drive for my all my art files, photos & images, scans of work, ideas, back ups, etc.  All my college work – drawings, prints, etc, It's a Maxtor brand – and it's failed – it won't read!   Sadly, I have to confess, this is the 2nd or 3rd one that this has happened to, not sure whether it's the brand or the piece of equipment.  (the other two are partly my fault, as they both had minor falls, but nothing has happened to this one that i am aware of) 

This is a huge blow IF I can't recover the data – but the more scary thing is the cost – it is going to cost something in the range of $400 to have someone work on recovering it.  The disk's warrenty has expired – this IS major – does anyone have any self help ideas on this???  I would really appreciate your help.

Consequently, the slide show I WAS going to treat you with (of my prints) is missing – and I don't have much eye candy to post.  Will have to work on that.