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OK…….so now I’m stumped!


Ok, so after relating my tale of woe to the dear folk at The Thread Studio in Perth yesterday, I have TOTALLY contradicting information than I recieved in class AND even as I am writing this, the suggestions keep coming (thanks to all you sweet people feeling my agony & pain!)……In class I was told POLYESTER………Polyester is the go, a good poly thread is the best thing to use & the brand I had was really good.  I have now found out that no, in fact Polyester is not good, & the brand I have is NOT well regarded more widely – RAYON or silk is what I should be using (NEWS FLASH!!!!!!! – I have spent over $200 on threads to date!!!!!!!  Do I just donate it to the birds for nest lining??????  CAN’T we get some concensus of opinion here?????)  LOL!!!

Pretty_little_things_2ANYWAYS……I have retired my FME attempts to the cupboard, to be revisited at a later date – I have spoken to Olga & have committed to a second class in June (YES, yes, I AM a glutton for punishment)  So at the moment I am making a tacky ‘Mountain Milking Maid’ dress that will be a work uniform for my daughter who is starting work in a restaurant next weekend.  Hmm………..not alot of artistic pleasure there!!  On a brighter note, I am also creating a little red & black outfit for Princess ‘L’ with ladybirds on it which is really sweet.

I recieved a lovely parcel of books yesterday from The Thread Studio yesterday (you really MUST check out their range – it’s great)
Pretty Little Things – this book is TOTALLY delicious.  Oh MY Good-ness this book is a MUST have for anyone who gets inspired visually by BEAUTIFUL graphics.  It is tonally soft & filled with lovely things to inspire you to greatness.  The Artist’s Muse, is a bit of a wierd one, depends on what place you are at in your creativity I guess.  It is a provocative proding to get you going down an artistic track.  It’s probably one I would recommend you take the time to see in person, before you commit to it.  The third book I bought was Visual Chronicles.  A great little book, full of good ideas.  The book that I originally went online to order, for an online workshop I am participating in, using Bernie Berlins book: Artist Trading Card Workshop is still coming. – see what I mean…I logged on to buy ONE book & The_artists_muse_2Visual_chroniclescame out with FOUR!  AND I am back the next week……..Take HEED of THE WARNING below…….LOL!!!! It would be remiss of me if I didn’t issue you a consumer warning.  The Thread Studio site is AMAZING.  They have a great array of sensationalDown_the_rabbit_hole_170dpi_2 supplies & books, with good visuals and descriptions. (AND YESSSSSSSSS…………’betterer ‘non breaking’ threads’ LOL!!!)  I actually Artist_trading_card_workshopwent there to buy ONE book – ended up buying 4 books AND am now coming back to buy other supplies.  It is a place where your credit card is in severe danger!  There – don’t say I didn’t warn you!!  An absolutely delicious place to indulge yourself a little, but a bit like disappearing down THE rabbit hole!

     an ATC from my Alice in Wonderland Series 2 titled Down the Rabbit Hole