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Easter come & gone


Well………..those 6 days that I had been longing pre Easter for have come & gone Spencer_sophie_rabbitin a flurry.  Sadly, no art, (& certainly no computer!) however huge progress on our home renovations, so the sacrifice is worth it.   It is hard for us to get a ‘block’ of time to work on our own house, at Christmas we are always exhausted & desparately in need of our holiday, & the rest of the year seems to go in a blur as we move from one renovation project to another for our clients.  So, my bathroom has the makings of a bath & shower, (the bath is installed in it’s frame & the shower base has been formed in the floor, but the tiling isn’t done yet) I have several new windows & new french doors, our back deck outside has been finished & some structural changes that we needed to do are finished.  A pretty exhausting break Getting_to_know_youreally…… I need to go back to work to rest up!!  LOL!!  Dispite the chaos our house was/is in, Easter Sunday we had breakfast with the family… complete with home made hot cross buns & an easter egg hunt.  The ‘grandies’ (too little to hunt eggs at this point!) were introduced to Spencer & Sophie Rabbit.  Princess ‘L’ is pictured below examining Sophie’s hair ribbon!

Hardly being able to stand it any more, I ventured in to my studio last night, desparately wanting to do SOMETHING……. ANYTHING that didn’t involve hefting or ‘gofering’ (my two main roles over Easter….oh, then of course, there’s lunch maid & drink bringer!!!)  So I started this etheral looking piece on canvas in black using a pre-raphelite image & rust ‘crumbs’ ……it is for a special art friend, & I have made myself an ATC with the same image (only smaller) & materials…….I will post it later tonight when all the ‘bits’ are dry.


Darling Clementine


Clementine_rabbit A monumentus thing happened this weekend.  My sewing machine of 24 years died.  It has been coming for about a year……it has had several services in that time.  It was chugging away, and then it just groaned, shuddered and everything froze.  I am (was) making German mohair rabbits for the Grandie’s 1st easter next weekend designed by the talented bear artist Jane Perala.  Here is the picture off the pattern.  I have dyed up some mohair in soft raspberry for Princess ‘L’ & delicate ocean spray blue for little (actually very big…now 8.5kg!) Toby.

I hope that they will be heirlooms, complete with hand sewn noses & antique boot button eyes………I am not sure what to call them yet…….I usually wait until I have done their heads to nameElna_7200_pro_quilters_dream_2 them, then they ‘speak’ to me……… sounds pretty dumb, but lots of bear artists I know say similar things.

So this is the new toy it’s an Elna 7200 Quilt Pro & I really am quite excited about the possibilities.  It should handle everything that I Annemieke_meinsew in the way of garments, quite well, as well as having a wide opening for quiltingAnnemieke_mein_birds & a long table to add on when you are doing bigger quilts.  I have, for some time been very inspired by the work of Annemieke Mein, wanted to do some freehand embroidery, which this should handle like a dream (not sure about the operator, but the machine should be fine! LOL!)  This gorgeous old lady is a total wizard with embroidery and makes 3D works of art from her sketches & water washed paintings of things she Jan_beaney_treesobserves in nature.   I am not sure how I will go creating such reality as this, however, some other textile artists that I have seen that also do amazing work are the English artists  Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn.  Their work is different & special in another way.  Annemieke’s work is lush & subtle, Beaney & Littlejohn seem to use much more vibrant colours, that are brilliantly contrasted & complimented.  This is a pic of some detail from their ‘trees’ book.  Anyways……….I must away to the world of kitchens, & houses & customers………but I SOOOOO want to stay home & play with my new toy@!!!