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Australia Day BannerHappy Australia Day for all of you Aussies out there reading blogs today – for my non-Australian friends – it's our patriotic day today – the weather here is lovely PERFECT for our traditional BBQ which we will be sharing with some friends later.  I am NOW finally allowed to lift the lid on what I have been working on lately – ALPHA STAMPS have released the most DARLING little boxes with glass lids along with a whole range of new collage sheets all focused around the theatre.  The Design Team have done an amazing job making fabulous 'theatres' & have added to the excitment of the release.  This picture doesn't give you much information about size or how dimensional it is, so I will have to get somePalace-Theatre-web-version other shots later & back post here.  Save to say that I have used an unusual product to create depth…..more later!  Oh – and I have a tutorial for you next on a 'Children's Storybook Theatre'….. great fun.  Have a good day all – I am off to make salads!


at last something a little 3D


  IMG_2114_resizethis is a tiny little fold out book, supplied by the gorgeous Beks was to be made up for random exchange to celebrate Paper Trader's 3rd Anniversary.  IMG_2102_resizeIMG_2115_resizeIMG_2110_resizeIMG_2117_resizeIt's a lovely little thing (not much bigger than about 2" square) but it stumped me for some time.   I ended up using on of my own journal pages, reduced WAY down, for the main image.  The birds on the outside come from a vintage ship menu from 1950's.  What looks like murky distressing, is actually moonglow, and looks much nicer in real life.  The verse I used is well known - 

Use what talent that you have
The woods would be very silent
If no birds sang there
Except those that sung best

Mine is off to lucky Melanie in USA – I hope she likes it.

partidges in pear trees


this weekend saw the culmination of a couple of months work as I collated a whole lot of bits & pieces I had prepared for my IMG_1314_resize'partridges in pear trees' for a Christmas gift exchange.  You saw the watercoloured cards I did a couple of weeks ago – well – they were to go with these little treasures.  Firstly I created a pattern for these little felt partridges.  After trialling several design shapes & styles, I settled on this look & went about making them.  They are only about 1.5" long and tall, so as you could imagine – it was pretty fine work creating them.  They are embroidered with my own hand dyed threads and gold filament. After I had made all my little partridges, I needed a IMG_1324_resize'truckload' of pears & some leaves for 'pear trees'.  Fortunately I was able to pick up some quite small ones, already cut from chipboard – first I painted them in ochre & then sponged on moss green, so they had a yellowy green look, but I wanted them to be extra special - so I also added gold leaf.  After painting the leaves with several colours of acrylics – they had a little dust of Moon Glow so that they didn't feel like the 'wall flowers' next to the golden pears!  I made labels & tags, lined the boxes – more Moon Glow – more IMG_1310_resizewalnut ink….TIME to assemble the trees & add the pears & in some of them – leaves and leave to dry – NEXT – oooooooo…. then I made lovely wrapping paper for them to be wrapped in.  I used some of my lovely pear stamps – NOT Christmassy – but all about the PEARS!!  Then sprayed with Moon Glow & Walnut ink.  The colours I used for this project were Burnt Umber IMG_1419_resize(which has a rusty red shimmer) and Desert Moon Tumbleweed Sage (which has an olive green tinge)  Both of these tones are really subtle – but I was ACHING to use 'bucket o'blood red' - it's divine!   I DESPARATELY wanted to have 'brown paper packages tied up with string' however our post office people (whom I MIGHT add are not REMOTELY friendly or helpful to someone who regularly sends and recieves overseas parcels) REALLY frowns on string, protesting that it gets caught in their sorting machines and 'COULD' delay the parcel – can you see the luminous sparkles????  It's the Moon Glow – I SWEAR I IMG_1414_resizeshould buy shares in that company – I LOVE this product! (see IMG_1381_resizeProduct Info

& Reviews to learn about Moon Glow).  Then it was time to 'build' the nests for my little partridges.  I used some old chicken coup IMG_1398_resizewire from dearest Jenene (thanx J - more supplies needed now please!  LOL!!!)  I used a domed bottle top to create a cupped shape & shreaded a whole lot of fibres that our little birdie might have collected along the way.  THEN – finally – time to put it all together – each one is different and has it's own unique watercoloured card.  Thanks to all the others that participated - it was a big effort, but I know it will be a fun time recieving the parcels from the other artists in return.  IMG_1379_resize

Great & Precious Promises


  P1220267_resize P1220283_resize

It is fitting that the return of my muse would produce something that articulates my faith.  After all, God is the most imaginative, creative being I know – so how could I be surprised!  I am created in His image….I am excited because this morning, for the first time in about a month I felt a compulsion to create – a frenetic sensation that will not be quelched!  Yet, yesterday, when I had the whole day set aside to create – it wasn’t there.  These things are such a mystery – something in early years I sought to understand – but now I just accept as a part of the process.  I AM creative & therefore I create however there are times that I MUST create in order to BE – part of my soul needs to be expressed & released – it is not always necessarily my best work that is created in these times – but it is often work that gives pleasure to my soul P1220278_resizeP1220338_resizeas it’s creation has released a burden.P1220334_resize P1220341_resizeBelow is a full description of the meanings of all of the pieces & components.  Despite the tiny size of my little primative church shaped niche (the opening is about the size of a matchbox) this piece is quite complex.  It is lined with a 7 gypsies paper that is red with random words on it.   I chose this to signify Jesus’ blood, shed for us, for all of us……despite our words, & thoughts & protestations.  The background is Psalm 23 (my fav. one) stamped with a line of 3 trees. (thanks for the stamp J) The three trees represent the 3 crosses on the hill on the day Jesus died, with a larger, paper tiled one in the shape of the cross over the top of the middle one.  There were just ordinary people beside Jesus when he died & He forgave them, then died for them – the Passion of Christ for us….The cross itself is created from tiny tiles of roses & of writing.  One of the names that is given to the Son of God is ‘the Rose of Sharon’ quite literally a word picture painted of the loveliness of Jesus referring to the lush precinct of Lebanon known for it’s beautiful roses.

On top of the cross are two small pieces – one a sheep – representative of me & the second a snippet of the definitiion of TREE – referring back again to the trees stamped – but also it says sending forth branches.  Another of my fav. scriptures is John 15 where Jesus talks to the disciples about Him being the Vine & us the branches….In the top corners of the cross are the saints, gone before us, looking down from heaven, encouraging us in our faith……ALL that & we’re not even outside the little niche yet!!! – I told you it was complex!  If you want to know more…….click below…….I realize this is a little confronting for some – it’s just where my muse took me……….

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Where does your Fairy live????


My_fairy To celebrate the first birthday of one of my online groups we are having a ‘fairy mingle’.  The question has been posed………. Where does YOUR fairy live????  Well, this is a simple answer for anyone who has played in my studio with me!  My fairies live on my window sill (WHERE ELSE??) & in my garden with the angels!  Here, they can keep an eye on what I am creating, keep me posted on the stock levels of my stains & colours & see their friends in the garden out of the window!  I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the beautiful little ‘Iron Fairies’ and have 3 of them to date (thanks to a lovely thankyou gift from Sally & Lynne)……. I am a bit obssessive about those sorts of things……..I MUST HAVE THEM ALL……..but for now…… illustrate where my fairies live, I have made a delightful assemblage using an 8 x 8 in shallow box & used a ‘Collections’ tile frame to create a ‘window’.  My little fairy, Cordeallia, is a Paper Whimsy image, embellished with all sorts of treasures & coloured with Moon Glow (gotta luv ’em).  She is sitting on the window sill amongst my bits ‘n’ bobs.  Being an interior designer I (of course) had to have the ‘window’ correctly dressed with mitred architraves & a sill made from thick chipboard.  I resisted the temptation to add curtains firstly because there are no curtains on my studio windows and it would have crowded the assemblage too much.  The image behind ‘outside’ the window is from a garden magazine – it was too dominant in the composition when I first put it in, so I ‘dulled’ it down by first giving it a thorough rub over with a baby wipe, which softened it right off.  The tiniest little vial bottle is a ‘find’ from Mary Green at Green Paper Packages, (hmmmm…….I notice you have some gorgeous vintage trim at the moment Mary…….YUM!!!) & if you look carefully, there is rusty ‘chicken wire’ which is a treasure from my art friend Jenene.

the good, the bad & the OH SO VERY ugly!


I have lots to tell……….and not long to do it…………sadly I must do the thing that makes money to feed my art obsession…………


Backing_board_3_web Little_eiffle_webthese are pieces in process for the assemblage art we are making at my ARTFEST weekend in a couple of weeks…….still in a raw state, but I am happy with the progress. (I am sorry my text stamp obscures the face a little, less haste next time, I should ‘mask’ it to protect the vital bits)….I AM IN LOVE with Staz_on_timber_brownStaz On Timber Brown………it is REALLY brown!!! I have only just bought one.  The only other brown stamp pad colour I like is the Colour Box Chalk Dark Brown, but I have mixed results with it…….& OFTEN manage to blur a perfectly good image when I want to do something else over the top (regularly)  I am not sure whether this is a new colour, A_pear_of_friends_webor I have only just discovered it, but I am very happy in my corner over here! 

I have become a ‘closet pear creator’ as I believe if I keep posting pears, I will loose my readership altogether………..(says me to self……..why is that important to me??? Says self to Me……….because they keep you sane!!!  LOL!!)  So anyway, I am STILL painting pears…….my latest are Christmas pears & I have had another go at a ‘Hindu’ pear & an Egyptian pear…….which are much better than my earlier attempts.  Wondering what I could do with these lovely things next, (not even close to exhausting my need to create them!) I am now resorting to turning them into mini backdrops………….I created the first one for my special friend Lynne who is my faith hero!   (If you are reading Lynne………..I hope you are feeling better today)


GROAN…………I am finished my ATC’s for the Cracked World swap I was talking about, ready to apply this ‘wonder product’ that you apply to the top of images to crackle them all over……..and look what happened……..


A_really_cracked_world_web so these are my ‘cracked world ATC’s………well the FIRST one is the finished card PRE-crackle medium…..the next two snippets are close up fragments of what happened AFTER I had applied it………the middle section had no fixative on an inkjet image, the last bit had fixative on it……..regardless the whole mucking fess will end up in the bin……… an end note, I am writing this under duress….so I hope it all makes sense…….there is a HUGE huntsman spider on the ceiling above me as I write this……..