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Hand Gestures

As promised, here's a slide show of my 'hand gesture' drawings.  Some of them are pretty ordinary – others are better.  I have made huge leaps and bounds with a change in tutor, Celeste Chandler – who is JUST AMAZING – I love her, what can I say??? LOL – I told her she is MY Australian Idol!  LOL!!  Despite being one of those amazingly 'gentle souls/flower children' that you can't help but love – she has a really nurturuing and encouraging way of teaching – that makes you come away thinking – ok – I didn't get it perfect, but I did some things well.  Which is really good for someone struggling to learn, juggling health issues.  No matter HOW terrible something is – she still manages to find something good to say about it… I said – I love her!  She just wonderful!