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I hope you like my new collage sheet….(hi res link – thanks Connie for the idea)..offered for only until 31st December……..after that I will take it down, and it will be replaced with a single image.  I know that I don’t have to remind you it is for personal use, and not to be redistributed or reconfigured in any way, shape or form – but it seems that this disclaimer needs to be added each time……… I’d love to see anything that you create from the collage sheet & appreciate links & kudos too!! LOL!  Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve here – so it’s the big finale………I have made something VERY special for a Christmas Eve giveaway…….

MY CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT GIVEAWAY IS A handmade artist book I created in a repurposed vintage book cover, it is approx 8in tall, 6in wide & 1 inch thick.  It is filled with a paper that will take pen & ink or a light wash…….it should be nice to work in.

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the cryptic clue is………….rsta fo tlmeeehhb…………..it’s a sign!!  I will draw this one late Christmas Eve – Almost Christmas Day here – to give the max amount of people a chance to participate.  It’s been a fun week!


Sliding Doors


Miss-Charlotte-webAs the door to the carriage slammed shut, Miss Charlotte looked longingly at the carefree looking gypsy girl in the street and wondered what it might be like to sleep in a wagon, to sleep under the stars, to sit around a campfire to keep warm……. free from her minders & watchers & the bitter chill of winter that had settled on her life. Selina-web 

Selina looked longlingly at the fine carriage pulling up just in front of her & watched as a young woman, resembling a frightened kitten got in.  She wondered what it might be like to sleep in a real bed, in a quiet room and to have enought to eat & to be warm……. free from wagon life & the intrusion of other people's wakefulness and the bitter chill of winter that had settled on her life.

These Journal pages are a double 6 x 6 page opening on colourfix paper, made for another Paper Trader's tip-in journal – this time on Gypsies.