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A BIG day!


WHEW – there is a reason why 48 yo's don't have toddler's!!! LOL!!!  Big morning with both of my little treasured grandbabies today….. we spent much of the morning outside with the dogs, finger painting on the deck, throwing the ball, sweeping the leaves, weeding the garden and all ended up a little wet (from the dew) very dirty (general grot) and quite tired – which WAS my plan.  Then unexpectedly, our son turned up to pick up 'Special T' early.   So what I thought was going to be a VERY long day, with two toddlers, ended up being just the morning & it was lovely.  After the boys left, it was time for afternoon nap & another surprise – the Princess (who is quite tall for her age), can now climb out of the porta cot which is her bed at Nonna's house.  The last few days both in the afternoons when I put her down for her sleep & in the evening when I put her to bed, I have found her, out of her cot, & tucked up in our bed under the doona.  It appears that the time has come for her to make the transition into a bed – so I have made her up a 'camp bed' for her afternoon nap – it remains to be seen how successful it is, but I have my fingers crossed.   I am working on some new handcarved stamps this afternoon – hopefully - I will have something to show you soon.  These are some of my faces from the last couple of days.FotD-191008-web FotD-181008web I have done these as 'Dinner Guests for the next 'Embrace the Face' challenge – Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.  The first one, called 'Wanna Play?' is done on hot pressed watercolour paper where as the second one – 'Feel the Serenity' is done on cold pressed paper.  When I first started watercolouring about 18 months ago – I really loved the texture of the cold pressed paper because of the dimpled texture.  At the time I was doing fruit (pears - look under Watercolours if you'd like to see them) & gum leaves.  This paper is great for this – however it makes faces look rather pockmarked – so I don't think that I will use it for this any more. 
Below are the next of my Every Day drawing challenges – #5 to draw your bed; #6 to draw something precious.  This is a likeness (a poor one) of my paternal Grandmother's wedding china – which I am priviledged to have had left to me by my Grandfather.  It is very special to me.

005-bed-web  006-precious-web