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flood update


Thank you, all of my treasured overseas readers who have been inquiring after us with regard to the expansive flooding our nation has been experiencing in the last couple of weeks.  We are at the opposite end of the country to where the majority of flooding is happening (Queensland) and the flooding in our own state (Victoria) is in the North West & although it has been significant, it hasn’t impacted as much urban area – so there are less people & households effected.  We are, however we are still experiencing unseasonably high rainfall, that keeps falling in short, sharp bursts – then leaves everything flooded & humid.   It’s NOT flooded like you may have seen – over the roof, house destroyed flooded – but there is so much rain, it is breaking away our garden walls & is coming down the block in streams………we have our own ‘rivers of living water’ running down our block daily!!! LOL!!!……we have water coming in over the decking & our french doors at the back, so our rugs & furniture in our back family room have water stains & we are constantly drying something out………then it’s hot and REALLY humid…..….it’s very odd for what should be the middle of our summer.  It’s weird, weird weather – very tropical – which is FINE – IF you live in the tropics – but unheard of here in Melbourne, which is WAY down South! 

Over the weekend we were driving up through some of the areas impacted by the floods and although there is wide spread evidence of the path of the water,  much of it is already receeded.  Although this picture may look a little grim – yes there is water either side of the road as far as you can see! – we were able to drive through here as it was only about 2-3 feet deep, & it was the only water we encountered across the road.