I hope you like my new collage sheet….(hi res link – thanks Connie for the idea)..offered for only until 31st December……..after that I will take it down, and it will be replaced with a single image.  I know that I don’t have to remind you it is for personal use, and not to be redistributed or reconfigured in any way, shape or form – but it seems that this disclaimer needs to be added each time……… I’d love to see anything that you create from the collage sheet & appreciate links & kudos too!! LOL!  Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve here – so it’s the big finale………I have made something VERY special for a Christmas Eve giveaway…….

MY CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT GIVEAWAY IS A handmade artist book I created in a repurposed vintage book cover, it is approx 8in tall, 6in wide & 1 inch thick.  It is filled with a paper that will take pen & ink or a light wash…….it should be nice to work in.

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the cryptic clue is………….rsta fo tlmeeehhb…………’s a sign!!  I will draw this one late Christmas Eve – Almost Christmas Day here – to give the max amount of people a chance to participate.  It’s been a fun week!


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  1. Beautiful collage sheet. And your Christmas needlework is absolutely inspiring. I lost my 88 year old mother a couple weeks ago, and the season has been really discombobbled this year. I hope to get back to a happy place soon, and look forward to my grandchildren on Christmas morning for some true joy.

    And your clue must be Star of Bethlehem. Thanks for the chance.

    Love your blog.

    Nancy in Michigan

  2. The miraculous Star of Bethlehem….shown day and night…leading the Magi to the King of Kings!
    Have a most wonderful Christmas Keron!

  3. I have enjoyed wandering around your website, which is awesome! I love the arch images as well as the other collage sheets. Thank you kindly for sharing. The cryptic clue is Star of Bethlehem. Your journal is awesome and a great giveaway. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Thank you for this gorgeous collage sheet – such wonderful images! And the book is stunning; what a generous set of giveaways you’ve had. Please don’t include me in this drawing, as I was a winner already; I just wanted to leave a comment on the book and collage sheet. Have a glorious Christmas!

  5. Hi Keron – I didn’t know about your blog giveaways until today. Your book is gorgeous! And to give it away after so much work is so generous! Yes, “star of Bethlehem” is the cryptic clue. Thank you for the collage sheet. I LOVES gypsies! LOL. May your Christmas be Merry and the New Year be bright!! Lorna

  6. Today I take the time to thank you for the images that you have posted this week. I let life get in my way and did not take the time to thank you. These are great. Have a plan to use your arches in the design of a ornament for a young couple celebrating their first married Christmas. i am fairly new and still experimenting. your blog has been most helpful,

  7. Thank you for sharing Christmas with your readers. Your website is amazing and I could spend hours in it. You give so much of yourself and your creativity. I wish you and your family the many blessings that life offers us.

  8. Yeah, “The Star of Bethlehem”. Count me in please. The book looks awesome and you are shining brightly for doing this. Thanks so much for the collage sheet and your challenges it has been fun.


  9. What a wonderful collage sheet…such interesting faces! The artist book you’ve created is gorgeous and such a generous giveaway! And the sign must be the Star of Bethlehem…I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!

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