GIVEAWAY Day 3 – and the Winner IS


 SO – the moral of the story is – that in this sharing & caring art world – many people go to a lot of time & trouble to create things, pass on knowledge, help others, share hints & tips, etc.  Few people however, take the time to write a comment, say thanks, or even acknowledge the source if they are using the material ………in over 500 visits in the last 2 days – there were only 10 comments – and some of those were the same people on different days.  In the end – as there were so few – I allocated each comment a number – those that left a comment on different days got 2 numbers – and then randomly generated the winner.  And the WINNER of the Art supplies give away IS………….ta – da – WENDY MC – who – among some others – worked out, like the lepers, that the idea was to come back & give thanks – congratulations Wendy – email me using the link & your box of goodies will be on the way to you.  Tis the giving season – but tis also the season to be thankful.  I am EVER thankful for grace & mercy.  Merry Christmas – enjoy the coloured torsos, available for all personal use, but not for reproduction or to be redistributed in any form.  Tomorrow I have a great collage sheet – I am just trying to work out how to upload a high res version & still have the blog page open ok.


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  1. I’m a first time visitor to your lovely blog. I’m not too web or blog savy, and like it if I can figure out a way to forward your blog to my email. I think it’s called an RSS feed or some such thing. I’ll keep searching through as you have a fun blog.

  2. Thank you so much, Keron! It’s been a very frantic week (I’m supposed to be on vacation but it doesn’t always work out that way when you’re a software engineer), so this was a great surprise and a tremendous boost to my spirit, especially after the events of today. I can’t wait to share the goodies with my mom and my big sis!
    Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. Congrats Wendy!!! Have fun with your box of goodies! And Thanks again Keron for the chance to win and your generosity!! To quote Tim
    “God Bless us Everyone!”

  4. Congratulations Wendy!

    I did figure it out too Keron, it has been just crazy here and I did not get back to say as much. I love your torsos – very pretty! Thanks so much for sharing.

    As for the high res images…you could always put a small image here and link it to the larger image which you could host on your flickr site. That way it would not use up all your resources. 🙂

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