free things – 5 days of GIVE-AWAYS


merry christmas this week everyone – I hope you have a little time for YOU!!  I feel as though I have cheated – we had our christmas celebrations early, so ‘Christmas’ per se – is done for us!  People all around me are still ‘stressin’ & running around & I’m done!  It was a dissappointing thought when it was first suggested, but now it’s over, it actually feels good!  We had lots of simplicity this year……most of my christmas wrapping was in brown paper with stamping & ribbons.  Garnishing with lace & ribbons, using twine, tissue & things on hand to make beautiful gifts.  SO – now I have a week to think up fun things for you – 5 DAYS of GIVE-AWAYS for you – my special readers!………’s a start! 

Today – some free images for you to have fun with – Tomorrow – hmmmmmmmmmm………some supplies I think…………HOW TO GET THEM???? I will leave you with a cryptic clue………you will find it in the book of Luke 17:11-19……….. that’s all I’m sayin’ is all!!! (in the words of one of my fav. Southern Belles)  If you work it out – leave me a comment & I will create a random draw from the order they come in.

If you right click any of these you can save the larger size – they are high res. suited for full ATC size background – or to cut or tear as an element in a larger collage.  If anyone would like a particular colour in a larger size for something – feel free to email me using the link.  This image is a photograph I took myself while travelling & has been altered by me.  It is free for you to use personally (in your own work)  for anything you like (including published work) BUT is not for re-distribution, re posting (please link back to this post if you’d like to tell someone about them)  They are also not for use in royalty free compositions or collage sheets in any form.  Thanks for respecting the personal property I am sharing with you.

DON’T forget to check back tomorrow – you’ll be sorry if you don’t!!!

PS you may want to test you printer settings & colour out put to print these out to how you’d like to use them – I have printed them on bristol board with inkjet, on transparancy using laser & photo paper with laser & inkjet – the transparencies came out a bit dark the others were ok though.


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  1. While I’d love to win your lovely offerings, I am most curious as to what your clue actually is. What I get from the passage is that we be thankful (to God and our fellow man, including thanking you for sharing the free images and all you do) and glorifying God (always!) Many blessings to you and your loved ones as the season passes and the new year begins!
    Judi M.

  2. Thanks so much. What a generous heart you have. Happy Christmas dear friend. We will opening things early too as we are headed to South Dakota on Thursday. My dad is going into the nursing home so we will go home to help him get things taken care of before he moves on the first. Take care.

  3. Thank you so very much for the door image…it’s a beauty and will come in handy time and time again! I totally love what kboat said…wonderfully simple rules to live by…but I think *you* are the Good Samaritan…blessing us with your generosity! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Thank you, Keron! These are lovely and you are so sweet and generous to offer them. Merry Christmas to you!!
    (Give thanks and recognize the one from whom blessings come… which I would have done anyway – you have always been such a blessing to me =)

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