Making Treasures with the Princess


The Princess has had her 4 yo immunizations recently and has had a severe reaction to it which has left her arm twice the size & hot & red from the elbow to the shoulder.  This required some extra special ‘studio’ time with Nonna.  Like most Princess’ of note – she loves her jewels – so we had a quiet day & set about creating some new beaded treasures for Spring.  I am TOTALLY in love with soft sea blue/green at the moment and think that will be my colour of note this season – it’s a few weeks away, but the buds are unfurling, my daphne is intoxicatingly sweet & the bulbs are popping their heads out for a look.  It feels warmer (despite coming out to ice all over my car yesterday morning) and the day light hours are beginning to stretch out.


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  1. Love the jewelry pieces. I was amazed at how many things you took on your vacation. I am going to be traveling soon to Nevada to help my mother-in-law after she has hip replacement and this has made me think about taking some things with me as I know I am going to be bored at times. As always love your work.

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