re-visiting EDM


My drawing adventures in my ‘hair’ journal (see previous post) has inspired me to draw more lately, but I was looking for some variation in subject matter.  It prompted me to dig out my everyday matters books (weekly drawing challenges on various topics) & I have done a few entries.   When I opened my book – I saw that the topic I was up to was BUTTONS – I LEAPED at the chance to draw some – vintage buttons being on of my ‘can’t live withouts’  The pic above is of some absolutely divine ones gifted to me by my precious art friend Connie – they are just about the best gift I have ever recieved!   AND they are green!! WOOO HOOO.  I haven’t been able to take them off the card to use one, as I love them so much as a unit, but they will either end up on the front of a book – or as a focal point of a piece of art – they are TREASURE to be sure! Then there’s the view from my kitchen window – as moving gets more inevidable – I am feeling a bit more sentimental about all things related to this home, so it was nice to draw my neighbours appartment – and THEN on to another great love – I have, over many years had the children buy me artist pencils as they were growing up – no manky half dead chrysanthymns for me for mother’s day – my bunch of flowers was always a bunch of pencils!  Consequently, I have all of the Albrcht Durer watercolour pencils (still favs. for travelling & small projects) & some lovely other pencils.  Through doing workshops & classes with international teachers, I have been introduced to a whole other raft of products that aren’t widely available here.  Misty introduced me to the Stabilo Marks All black  (which we struggle to get here in Oz) – I use it in just about every piece of work I do – I have literally gone to our art shops and drawn line after line with all of the aquarble black pencils – but NOTHING compares to these.  The black is like SUMI ink (luv it)   DJ introduced me to the divine Caran d Ache LUMINANCE coloured pencils OH MY GOODNESS – it’s like drawing with butter – I only have a hand ful (precious gift from darlings Beks & Connie for Christmas) & they are like gold!  I have also included my fav. ‘drawing’ as opposed to rendering pencil – the Col-erase pencils by  PRISMACOLOR – I use these instead of a graphite pencil when drawing – mostly only the black, brown & blue – because they don’t smudge on the page.  You know that ‘grey haze’ you get over a drawing when you work back & forth over it with your hand?  You don’t have any of that with these pencils – AND they rub out!  Which is comforting for fledglings!  I threw in the Derwent Inktense – as they are nice too. 

The snake looks TOTALLY dodgy – it was ok – until I did the NEXT page & then it needed MAJOR repairs, when the marker from the pencil page, bled through, & I had raspberry mottled all over my lovely snake!


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