give me down to there hair


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I thought I’d show you a glimpse of some of my uni work – this year for my printmaking major, I have concerntrated on ‘Connections’ – the things that connect us as individuals, internally & externally & into our wider environment.  One of the topics I kind of ‘fell’ into was hair.  I grew up with my mother playing the sound track to the ’60’s musical through the house – but didn’t think a great deal about it.  Exploring connections, I happened upon an article that said that the ‘Rachel’ cut of Jennifer Aniston’s character friends, was the most ‘asked for’ hair cut in modern history, and when polled in the 90’s over 50% of women had tried that style!  (shame the creator, hairstylist, Chris McMillan can’t get royalties per cut!! LOL!!).  It was just a quirky nonsense bit of trivia, but it started me down the path of thinking & looking at hair & how it to some degree, helps us identify with what ‘style’ of person we are.  Punks wear it one way, goths another, surfer’s another, etc – but I also thought about how generations have used it through the years to delinate themselves from the previous generation, and what a personal afront it can be to parents to some be confronted with their child with newly ‘wierded’ hair.  The thoughts kept codgetating, & then realized, that unless you were actually held down, no one could make you have your hair in one style or another – you had to agree to it, and sometimes, that’s the point – it is a part of ourselves that we can control. (some one I used to know was getting married for the 3rd time & her 16 yo son on the day of the wedding had the first of what became a popular ‘undercut’ – he couldn’t control his mum’s actions, but he could have a say in how he appeared in it all.  She refused to let him be in the ‘wedding party’ as a result of it, her reaction was so strong!  So these are a couple of the prints – pics are a bit dodgy – the work is about half a full sized sheet of watercolour paper (A2 for those working in metric) & they were taken with my iPhone – say no more!  


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