a printmaking update and a little quilt


Impossible Loveyou know that it's been far too long between posts when you have to read your own blog to see what you wrote last! LOL!! Yep – tis been a while. I have the winter durge of thumping head & body aches & my 'aloe vera' infused tissues are my best friend, so regardless of my tardiness – i am posting mostly pics! We have had a little holiday, our 30th wedding anniversary & The Princess has turned FOUR! So a couple of things distracting me from THE MAIN THING – don't you hate it when life gets in the way of art?!   LOL!! 

I really have alot of art to catch you up on, but I thought I might catch you up on some of my recent printmaking & the joys of creating mono prints…………..or should I say pleasure & pain of creating monoprints? Like all printmaking processes – looks easy peasy – deceptively tricky to get a consistantly good result.

This awkward looking thing is an attempt to break out of the 'fine arts' mold of print making and think outside the square a little to combine processes.  I hope to use some of my prints in altered art and book projects & am still finding my way with the whole art/craft thing.  This is a monoprint, that has be overprinted with etchings.  There were many failures along the way, in an attempt to get a result I was happy with, which in practise means there were many hours spent, with not a whole lot to show for it.The ReaderFlying High  The etchings below were created using aquatints – which to the non printmakers – is like using UTEE as a resist to create a mottled Botanica Ibackground, which is etched, and deep tonality is achieved in the 'divits' that are etched into the plate.  Kind of a primative way to describe it, but hopefully you kind of get the idea.  If you are interested in the aquatint process you can read more here.  These are all relatively small plates – about ATC size, but each one represents about one whole day in the studio to get it to a printable form.  There's no quick road to becoming a printmaker – it's a long hard slog!

On another subject, while we were away, I took a 'handwork' project with me & commenced a cot quilt for our Baby Princess'  first Christmas.  I am using primarily olde worlde rose & floral theme (as I know my sweet DIL is not really a 'pink princess' girl) and basing it around the tones in this TOTALLY GORGEOUS flower fairies fabric by Michael Miller.  The detail and crispness of the print is beautiful and it has just a tiny bit of glittery stuff (don't actually know what it is) – and ALL Princesses need a little bling!


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