Joy in Little things


IMG_4385_resize It’s been a big month.  Or two really – and big changes on the home front.  As I am not really doing much book making, mixed media or painting at any scale, and having another little one to accomodate when the family gets together, I have had to reluctantly conceed my art studio.  It was quite a greivious process as I have condensed a generous sized bedroom with 4 metres (about 12 foot) wide x 3m (9 foot) high of built ins as well as other shelving & benches, into what amounts to a large walk in pantry, (it’s original use) but was being used as a little study. (basically somewhere to house my NON-computer literate hubbie’s PC for him to watch car crashes on You Tube every so often!

At the same time I have spent considerable time archiving books and resources (that used to be in the ‘closet study’) 

It is really time well spent, in preparation for our impending move at some point in the not so distant future, but it was a LOT a LOT of work.

The bulk of it is behind me now, though two rooms in our house resemble rummage sale sorting as I wait for it to be my turn for DH to put up some more shelving, re-arrange some benchtops for desks & do some more hefting.

IMG_4384_resize My new studio is tiny, however I was determined that right from the start, it was going to be a ‘beautiful space’ despite it’s size.  I have gotten out all of Nan’s cut glass, draped it with pearls & crystals, added some vintage, chandelier glass and some blown glass we bought both in Venice & Egypt.  The window is IMG_4350_resizesmall, and south facing, so I have hung glass treasures in front of it, to create some interesting refracted light patterns in the room,which is about 2.5m (8 foot)wide x about 4m (12 foot) long.   EVERY square inch has been used to fit my ample treasures – and NO – purging wasn’t something I considered… especially as I am biding my time knowing that at some point down the track, I will have a bigger, purpose built room.   I have never lived my life in the never never – you  know – things will be better when…… but I think that’s how it might be for a while…….. oh, and my computer went to God – that wasn’t fun……….

As my room is very tall & narrow, all but one level of shelving is accessed via ladder, which is NOT good for my alread dodgy knee…..  I had to be sure that my MOST needed supplies were the only things on these shelves.  IMG_4451_resize I have picked through and made a collection of my nicest treasures to have on my desktop, even if it is jsut for the joy of looking at them.  Although, working with them about will be sure to mean that they will feature on something soon……  

IMG_4346_resizeSpeaking of art – there HAS been a little arting inbetween all the hefting & sorting -I am swapping with the infinitely talented Karen from USA which prompted me to get to work on some ATC’s, which I haven’t done for ages.  I’ll post those next.


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