etchings abound


Back at uni after almost a month, and I have had the chance to print up some of my more recent sketches.  Like anything that looks amazing – it's simple to do, but deceptively complex – with a thousand things that can go wrong at anytime.  You never quite know what you are going to end up with.

One of my tutors said to us this week - that when ever an artist creates something – they begin with an initial idea in their head, and then go about creating it.  Sometimes, in the process, the work evolves from the original idea, which leaves artists often unhappy with what they create.  When someone else, who has not had the original 'picture' sees it – they only judge the piece on it's merits – not on what it should have/would have/could have been.  Fish-&-Feather-web Therefore – as artists – we need to be brave - and put our work out there for all the world to see – risk the rejection – and embrace the actual process of creating something – rather than looking to the finished product being the end all & be all. 

In Melbourne at the moment, can you believe it – there is a 'symposium on happiness' happening over the next couple of days.  As I am writing this – I am wondering why it seems obscure – why do I think it's odd to do this???? On reflection, I think that I must feel that it seems trivial – (a bit like some people feel about those who create!) however I am reading more and more how our state of mind impacts our longivity as much as our eating habits or exercise routine (what is that?)  Anyways – I was listening to a radio interview with the forward thinking Edward De Bono who (apart from practically saying his books were universal cure alls! LOL!) said that there were two states of happiness:

1. Tranquility – a sort of peace & calmness AND

2. Excitement, glee & joyfulness – an overt adrenaline charged feeling

Tree-small-web He then went on to discuss how it is almost impossible to create with the first and you probably don't feel like creating if you are experiencing the second, you are more likely to seek pleasure to enhance that feeling & often in the company of others, as opposed to taking yourself off some where & pouring your 'happiness' into a work of art of some description.  I have to say, I am significantly more prolific when I am more melancolic – but being committed to being creative daily – it more impacts my colour choices & the subject matter – even my mark making tools and the way I apply mediums………..What about you – how does your mood effect the way you art – have you noticed a difference in what you produce or which tools you grab for?

If you'd like to see more of my recent printmaking this is the link to my flickr album.

Below is a Japanese Moleskine Exchange I have been working on with Jennifer Krashka, if you'd like to see that up to date – here's the link to that photo album.03-Gardening-Shoes-web


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  2. Love your ‘mark making’, K. I think the unpredictability is what fascinates me about printmaking, never quite sure how what appears on the block will transpose onto the paper. There’s always a bit of mystery and uncertainty. Like you, I tend to create more when not in a state of ‘happiness’. The freedom of collage seems to draw me when I’m trying to deal with emotions, while when I’m more settled, it’s drawing and printmaking.

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