at last a little quiet time


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at last some art!  life has been busy with work, study & family and a week quickly turns into a month and a month into a quarter – summer has faded and we are enjoying the mildness of autumn.  Resplendant sunsets, huge skies, mild weather, rain drops that fall like water balloons & leaves that are starting to turn.  And of course, our new little Princess is growing & has already passed her birth weight.   IMG_4047-webIMG_4009-webShe is a precious little love, so treasured by us all. I bathed her this morning and the miracle of new life is still present in her infant cry & her flailing little arms.  Such a wonder – such joy to behold! One of the most precious comments came from our darling Toby when he was introduced to her, sitting with his Daddy (our son) he said – 'Now we are a 4 family daddy!' in a very excited voice!  How special.  Thank God.


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  1. Thanks for the update! Love the artwork and the newest little princess is so gorgeous =) Glad you’ve had some time to enjoy your new little miracle.

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