a little more art


here's a couple of bits 'n' bobs that didn't make last night's post – iE was being a BEAST & kept dropping out – URGHHHH!  Very frustrating – in re-reading my post – it does seem a little 'point form' & truncated – sorry about that - the POINT was – I kept loosing it every time I'd insert an image……….so here's a couple more that I didn't get to last night.Wings-of-peace-web this is a LONG over due tip in page - for LONG – suffering Hermine……..
   These are quite little & cute – 5 or 6 inches square – the words, which are both typed & written on the wings are -  you shall write peace on my wings and I will fly all over the world……..written actually of the 'peace crane' by a 13yo girl who contracted Lukemia as a legacy of the bombing of Hiroshima.

this is my latest EDM drawing after Van Gogh….the topic was supposed to be the view from under your bed – well considering my bed is only about 3in off the ground – I couldn't really imagine much else than the lines of the bottom of our robe doors on the adjacent wall – which wasn't very inspiring…..so I deferred to Vincent….I am studying him at the moment a little at college – & I am working up a 4 colour lino cut of Van Gogh's Starry night – I can't wait to see how it works out – as it is only 15cm square, I have cut the pic a little - I hope it's ok – I am in excellent hands I have a great tutor this year for Printmaking workshops.
4-238-From-1st-Aid-kit-web the next EDM challenge was something from your first aid kit – when I looked, the bandage seemed appropriate – the leaf was a hitchiker – I must have found it at some point and put it in there because I liked it's colour or texture or shape – SOMETHING like that – I probably picked it up on some job site & liked the look of it and put it in there for safe keeping – oh – and FYI - the first aid kit is where I keep all of my interesting 'found pieces' LOL!!   Enjoy your week – speak soon! x


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