latest art projects


Juggling plates is my new pass time – some have food on them – others appointments – others family – yet others home duties – although I am still managing to fit art in – the time it takes to photograph/scan it, download & sort pics, upload to the various places I have my art on show & create some sort of narrative or explanation of them has taken a back seat………SO – I am still arting most days, some days only a little art! But I just don't have the time on the computer that I used to have – it's either create art – or sit on the computer & look at the art of others & talk about making art – so as a conscious decision – I have to cut my blogging back to an entry a couple of times a month – & I have set aside some time to upload a little of what I've been doing in the last little while tonight………IMG_2292_resize of course I zzsshuuieeezzzed up my Moly that I showed you last time, adding in some trims & papers, just for a little variety – it's now in Jenn's capable hands & I can't wait to see what she comes up with………..With all my 'plate juggling' drawing seems to be easier to keep up with than collage & mixed media, as I can take it with me.  I have begun my next one, which will be on the way to Rachel shortly – titled 'Lanes, Alleyways & Other Quiet Corners'  I hope for it to be largly in black & white with touches of other can check it out here…….IMG_2896_resize

 I have been creating some 'add ins' for my journals from 3 x 5" index cards using vegetable dyes, inks & bleach – messy – but good fun & well worth doing in batches……………

bleach & ink stamping 
I just COULDN'T resist participating in the Paper Trader's Renaissance Women Gothic Arch swap…I created these by layers and layers of acrylics, wax, & stamping, before I added the images & embellished them with pearls & bling……'s a glimpse of some of my arches & charmsRen women 1_resize (made from up-cycled opp (thrift) shop treasures)   Ren Women 2_resize IMG_2764_resize

I finished off that journal I was telling you about last month & sent it to its new home.if you'd like to see it all – here's the link……& here's a couple of pics to tempt you to look!IMG_1700_resize IMG_1734_resize IMG_1932_resize


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