FREEBIES at last


Fences & FretworkFINALLY, here's some freebies for you to print out.   They are fairly high res, but make sure to double click to enlarge them, then save them.  When you are printing them, make sure you have your printer settings at 'print to full page' so that you get them enlarged.  These are great on paper, transparency film, vellum or on fine watercolour paper or canvas.  Print them on Sheer Heaven for transfers on to non-pourous surfaces, inkjet & gel medium are probably best for pourous surfaces.  ENJOY & Happy new year.  I hope to post again tomorrow if I am able.  I will show you what I did with mine.  ALSO – have some more treasures for you!  Oooo – and IF you don't want to miss a post, a technique or a giveaway – join me on Twitter (urbandriftwood) – I always 'tweet' when a new post is up. Arch-&-gate-smallIronwork-small


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