back to EDM challenges


I bet your flat out right now, hurrying your way to a Christmas meltdown!  Me too!  Now that study is FINALLY done for the year (YAY!) I thought I'd have time to play, but alas, artistic time  is 'squeezzed' in between babysitting grandies, baking, cooking, babysitting, appointments & other preparations for christmas.  (did I say babysitting???) It's just how it is – but I am still keen to fit something in!  SO, I have returned to my EDM challenges I began last year.  It's was tricky trying to keep this up when I was studying, but it's an easy thing to pick up and put down……..and I have.  I am now working in Book 2 – which continues challenges from 71 thru to about 140, and working in Book 4, which began at 192, and was originally intented to keep up with the current challenges, while using the archived challenges for additional drawing practice.  NOW BOTH of them are 'catch up' books! LOL!!!  So this is progress to date…..I will update the slide show as I go along.  If you'd like to see a slide show of the finished book 1 it's here.  On reflection, I am not sure that there is really a great deal of difference between my drawing from a year ago and now – but as a wise little person said to me, it's practise, every day, just getting in the habit of doing it!  Here's a couple of lovely images to help with any last minute Christmas things you HAVE to do, double click the image & it will take you to a high res. download.  PLEASE do not repost, but cut & paste this permalink back to here –

thanks for your integrity in this, us artists have to look after each other! 

Art nouveau Christmas Chrtistmas toys_resize  

AND DON'T FORGET my 12 days of christmas give aways………commencing 26th December!  there will be a give away, every day for 12 days!


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