a little birdsong


Christmas birdsong Spring birdsong

these are a couple of ATC's I made from scraps on my worktable, left overs from some Christmas treasures I am making, using music. WHEN I DO post them, you will have to be kind -it's my first attempt at soldering (oh, apart from a little go in Stephanie Lee's class last year) & they are a little 'rough' around the edges.  
Any who – back to the ATC's……. 
A little while ago, my dear friend from Paper Traders, Connie Holso, RAKed me some watercoloured backgrounds, which are what I used as a base.  First I collaged on some scraps of music, I then used a palette of acrylics to create some foliage & flowers & in the wet paint, used some watercolour pencil to ‘drizzle’ some black line work in.  I added more paint to create ‘centres’ of flowers…..then added in the birds.  I poured over them with ‘self levelling medium’ (Golden) then (perhaps a BIT kitch) – added ‘frinkles/micro beads’ & a little german scrap




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  1. Keron, I am in love with your ATCs. They are so sweet. I had just finished watching the little video I posted to my blog and have such a sweet peaceful feeling come over me. Then I came here to and saw the two little birds and it just added to that feeling. Praise God, for He has made everything beautiful in its time and place. I don’t know if you intended these to have a Christmas feel, but for me they certainly do. You have just lifted my day so much with your art. Thank You.

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