Presents & Lines That Ask Questions


I have heaps of work from my end of year assessment to scan & photograph to post, but some of it (A1 life drawings, are just too hard – even to store & I have already 'binned' them!  In the process of 'filing' & sorting' all of my work from the year, I came across this quote from my drawing teacher.  He said it at the start of the year, at the time, I was still under the illusion that going to 'art school' meant that you would get some actual 'instruction' in art – instead of here's the 'thing' (whatever that happened to be on the day) – draw it!  Lines that ask webso, after quite a frustrating year, I felt it only appropriate that I create something funny out of these 'high brow' ideals of drawing……….. this is my page for the Paper Trader's calendar for 2010.  I will post a link to buy them if you'd like one, in a couple of days when it's ready.  I am not sure if the resolution is high enough for you to read any of the questions these lines are asking of each other, like….

does this drawing make my nose look big?

How do you like your hair cut?

Is it nicer to kiss fuller lips?

I wonder what it would be like to be taller?

Can I help being so straight?

What do you do with your self when you are not part of a drawing?

I used my old typewriter to create the text, then coloured the paper by giving it a 'quick' bath in clean water, spraying some walnut ink & Horny Toad Teal Moonglow on it & then drying it with a hairdryer.  The hairdryer gives nice 'spidery' lines that look intriguing as a whole, but when they are cut up they just add interest & tonal variation.



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  1. YES! YES~! YES! I totally love this — this is EXACTLY the retort I was pushing you to assert in that long email I sent you. YOU are the final arbiteur of your own art and those old fogies are just trying to get you to imitate and emulate THEIR visions. Who wants that? SO proud of you for making this and I hope it exorcised some frustration demons in the process. Are ya gonna show this to any of them, after they turn in your grades, of course. winkwink ;-))) I’m a loyal friend, of course, and quite prejudiced, but I’d love to fly down there and tell ’em all, if you didn’t notice a REAL artist under your wing this school term, then you need glasses (and a brain transplant, LOLOLOL). ~ xoxo
    PS – I too would be expecting some actual instruction, no worries about that. We should be saying Professor Suziblu, eh?

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