Generations revisited


heart of my hearts Nina has written on her blog (Ornamental) today about the heart wrenching process of watching her parents in the twilight and, in a way that only she can, has captured glimpses of her parents that will be treasures for generations to come.  I experienced a similar thing recently hold my handas we celebrated a family wedding & saw the juxtaposed energy of the ‘babies’ (who are fast growing into small children); and my mother-in-law, now in a wheel chair, unable to get around without help.  Despite being frail, she looked lovely, amongst great protestation from the menfolk (her sons) I was determined to try to get some photos of her with them, as no one knows how much sand is left in her glass, or when the last grain will fall.  Aging enriches us with one hand, all the while, robbing us with the other.  I have mentioned before, but the mobility issues that I now live with daily are making this a harsh reality for me, and I hate it…….but back to ‘mum’… she was shining……'Old' Nanna this is her & my DH (her eldest) – and even though neither of them is looking at the lens – I love this shot, I am going to give it to her for Christmas.  it’s difficult.  She now lives in a nursing home, whiling away her hours, a woman that was so competent, so accomplished, to be reduced to redundancy.  How she would hate that her day is so wasted, she has filled her days with hard physical work, loving and caring for her family, and now time is flittered away so dismissively, waiting, waiting, ticking, ticking…… waiting….and ticking….. she hates her days now.


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