the rest of the book


IMG_0064_resizeAs promised, I have added a slide show at the end of this post of the rest of the fabric covered mixed media journal.  It has a combination of watercolour paper in various weights, pastel paper, decorative papers & acetate, as I said.  The thing that I am most glad about is to finally have coptic stitch down pat, so that I can call on it when I need to.  I am looking forward to creating all kinds of ‘book forms’ using this skill.

In the process of prepping for classes for this week – I cleaned out my old watercolour palette from all of my watercolours & faces I did last year & organised the colours according to hue & value so that I can use it for sea, landscape AND people painting.  I created a reference chart for myself notating the position of each of the colours, blotting my brush on the paper towel as I changed colour.  I usually keep the ‘almost end’ of paper towel rolls to use to blot brushes, glues & mess on & look what I accidentally created!  Some of my very own ‘impressionist’ flowers paper!   I never did to well at that whole ‘intuitive watercolours’ idea – so I am not sure what they will ‘grow’ into, but for now, I have cut it up & fixed it onto blank atcs – so stay tuned for that one! (like I have time to be making atc’s right now!)….urgghhhh – DID I SAY how much I hate working with oil paint!  THAT’S IT!  I can NOT be bothered with it! I will NEVER be a REAL artist! IMG_0059_resize   It takes so darn long to dry!  I am working on a 3 canvas ‘‘triptych’ – 2 canvases 18 x 24in & the centre on is 20 in.  Did I say that it was slow?  During my half year review, the panel said that I needed to work in a larger scale, so that’s what I have done with this project – but seriously; all it means is canvas costs more, paint costs more, it takes longer both to paint & dry and it’s more difficult to get around.  I don’t get their logic!  LOL!!!

Am also working on my ‘foot gestures’ for my folio – they don’t seem as difficult as hands – not so many of those pesty knuckles & folds!  LOL!!  They’re coming along – I’ll let you see some of them soon.


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  1. What a lovely book. You’ve done an awesome job on it. I’m sure your friend will be quite honored to have it. Good for you for making the decisions, I am always cursed by too many possiblities and too little deciding – it’s really a huge time-waster. But it’s very stimulating, LOL.

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