a cultural project


Here are some pics of what I am working on right now – well actually – ONE of the things that I am working on right now – but not all of them are as interesting as this – I could bore you with details of how to design a language, literacy & numeracy test – but I am sure you'd perfer this!! LOL!!!

IMG_0012_resize I have called this post 'a cultural project' because this 'book form' is a box, with origami fold out 'pages' of one of Melbourne's significant public spaces – Federation Square.  It was designed by a London company of architects, draws on Aborignal cultural elements, amazing narrative tiling and has an Italian 'piazza' feel about it – see – sums up Melbourne perfectly – I am making a multi-cultural book form!

For the 'box form' that contains the book – I have used a garden variety $2 shop gift box that had a very shiny paper covering, after sanding that all back and sticking down whatever had 'frayed' away, I painted it all matt black, inside & out.  Despite my sanding & persistance, it didn't stick well & it was a candidate for a bit of the ol' Folden GAC' which helped to solve the problem.

I used postcards from the visitor centre, which are a glossy photo of the mosaic panels that cover the outer skin of some of the buildings, to cover the sides of the box and a 'visitor map' to line the inside.IMG_0015_resize I am still working on perfecting my 'origami' fold out pages, (only in plain  kraft paper for now) and getting the size just right - the lid is working just fine – however the base is a little deep for the size of my fold.  I have tried a mock up with 'tabs' on the lower 'pages' to keep it together, without letting the viewer pull it out too far..which kinda works……but its still a bit awkward….., I considered cutting down the box, but I do want some height to it, to give the whole 'fold out accordian feel to it………… so at the moment I'm leaning toward 'packing up' the base of the box on the inside with something with a bit of weight – some timber or something……….which will do 2 things – lift up the pages so they clear the box sides when it is pulled out, & secondly, add some weight to the whole form, which will make it a bit more stable when you take the lid off.  

I am still working on the lid – and I am not sure yet whether I will use what I've made – I wanted to create some sort of 'handle', I haven't worked that out yet – but there isn't a lot of time for contemplation now – it's a very short term and assessment is in only FOUR – yes FOUR weeks!  So I have to get my 'roller skates' on, so to speak! LOL!!

IMG_0025_resize SCAN0203_resize



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  1. Quite interesting project. I’ve been having daydreams lately about the stained glass Jesus I made in 6th grade that frankly was awesome (I won a contest), which is neither here nor there except it means that I am wanting to do a mosaic in a stained glass pattern. It is a big project though, after seeing your work in progress, I am a bit cautious now. Yours is awesome, mine might not be so, lol. I love how you have parlayed your impression of the Square to this box. As for a handle, how about some patterned wire like the fence in front? Something that is organic to the building? xoxo, Aimeslee

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