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IMG_0025_resize It took a while, but FINALLY we have done something at art college I feel competent at! LOL!!! The last half of last term was spent creating hand made, coptic bound books. It seemed like an incredibly upside down way to create them,however, I guess there's another difference between 'art' & 'craft'. PURPOSE.   With no project, purpose or design in mind, we were to 'tear' or 'cut' pages (depending on paper being used) into book pages, to be coptic bound. 

I had SOME trouble getting my head around 'creating' a book (that was not an art journal/notebook with plain pages) that had no definition – it created significant indecision within me as I struggled to 'design' with no 'purpose', particularly when we were expected to use high end materials.  I felt concern for the potential 'waste', not having cash to splash for art materials.  It's not a method I'd recommend, or you just end up with a whole lot of books that are beautiful, but useless.  I always, make my pages first, THEN make them into a book – unless I am creating a blank art journal to work in.

I have struggled with following 'book instructions' of coptic stitching in the past, and leaning on my 'embroidery' skills, I sort of made up my own version, which looked, ok, but a little less than elegant or even!  In the end I made up 4 books, this is the only one that I actually photographed in process, because I did alot of the work on this one at home, due to the complex (& messy) way I created the finish on the pages & cover.

It was incredibly frustrating to put all ofthe time and effor tinto creating this treasure, not to actually have any 'purpose' or 'subject' for it.  But the result IS beautiful, despite it being 'plain' pages.  My initial thought was some style of doodled drawings, but not being so confident of my drawing skills & unable to settle on a topic, it is just sitting in my shelf, a bit lonely at the moment.   I am sure that some creative use will come to me eventually….oh, and I forgot to mention – the holes wasn't in the cover, my very special DH cut those in for me!

It may take a while to download the slide show, so here's the direct link, incase you have trouble viewing it.


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  1. Your book is fantastic, as is the slide show. Great approach to the window book format. Love the camera lens, the graduated holes and the awesome cover. I wonder if you could sell it on Etsy.

  2. Amazing creation, Keron! Absolutely loved the slide show, and the preparation was a great part of it, very interesting to see it being made. I sincerely hope they knew to give you an A+++ on that!

  3. Hi Keron,
    All I can say is Wow and more Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is just fablous,just beautiful. Such an artistic piece.
    Loved the slide show too.
    Your so talented,Stunning fits.
    Thank for sharing.Hugs,Laura.
    Outstanding Art……

  4. Hi Keron congrats on your beautiful masterpiece. I just wanted to share that maybe making it a photo journal might work for you?
    LK Ludwig just started her first online photo journalling class for cheapie 25 dollars a month. October is the first month and you just use your old photos if you like.
    I too suffer from frustration with my art sometimes (often!!!):-)))
    I could see your book in an exhibition easily.

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