Hand Gestures

As promised, here's a slide show of my 'hand gesture' drawings.  Some of them are pretty ordinary – others are better.  I have made huge leaps and bounds with a change in tutor, Celeste Chandler – who is JUST AMAZING – I love her, what can I say??? LOL – I told her she is MY Australian Idol!  LOL!!  Despite being one of those amazingly 'gentle souls/flower children' that you can't help but love – she has a really nurturuing and encouraging way of teaching – that makes you come away thinking – ok – I didn't get it perfect, but I did some things well.  Which is really good for someone struggling to learn, juggling health issues.  No matter HOW terrible something is – she still manages to find something good to say about it…..as I said – I love her!  She just wonderful!


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  1. Very nice Keron. Hands are infinitely hard to do. I find drawing eyes very difficult as well. It is funny because I had just decided to do a drawing study of eyes this week to bolster up my confidence.
    I am approaching a big birthday as well 😦

  2. Keron I just spent a lovely 20 minutes reading your posts from the last few months. What progress you are making. I love the hand series. I think you are going to have to stop saying you can’t draw because girl you can!
    Love the prints and the work in the replacement Alice journal.
    Enjoy that positive relationship you have with your tutor. Let it nourish you

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