The Hand That Paints the Sky


 IMG_1815_resizeIMG_0243_resize IMG_0193_resize IMG_0117_resize IMG_0025_resize IMG_1102_resize IMG_1249_resize IMG_2216_resize IMG_0009_resize IMG_2368_resize

I have had the priviledge of seeing this view for the last 18 years, knowing that our time here is drawing to a close, each one seems more amazing and more beautiful than the last.  These are just a sprinkling of the many shots I have from our front balcony…….having experienced a particularly beautiful one lately - I felt compelled to record it somehow in an artful way (other than photographing it)Hand-that-Paints-the-Sky

 I had Letha's 'Monochromatic Me' RR Journal on my desk & I thought it would be a beautiful addition.  This page has many layers & is quite textured.  I have built up layers of Golden Acrylics (ahhhhhh – my first love – I am SO over OIL PAINT! [you know the stuff 'real artists use' – well that's what my tutors keep telling me! LOL!])  First I layed down a base of Hansa Yellow – which I know is quite bright, but I wanted to build a luminous feel to the pages.  There are layers of Burnt Sienna, Mars Yellow, Red Oxide, Indian Yellow Hue & Burnt Umber.  These were topped with a glaze of the delicious Qunacridone Nickel Azo Gold……..followed by touches of perfect pearls, primary elements, H2o's, gold leaf & sealed with Liming Wax to stop the pages sticking.  It is quite built up & textured in real life.


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