Progress at College


Bamboo-&-ink This week at Collage we have moved on to watercolour classes with the AMAZING Australian artist THORNTON WALKER - WOW – really great stuff – THIS was my fav (it looked like a stylized 'colour chart' – so OF COURSE it was my fav!) – but IT was hard to choose!  So much of his subject matter really appealled to me – still lifes that include china & fruit & interesting bits'n'bobs……the dissapointing part was that our first week was him 'introducing' us to inks – which he uses in conjunction with watercolours – obviously he wasn't aware that we had been working with them for 4 weeks previously.  The exercise was to sit opposite in pairs & draw each other using bamboo 'pens' (made from a sharpened piece of bamboo).  After several goes at this, I lost the plot a little and wandered over to something familiar.Pear-in-shellac

I have finally completed my first lino cut in printmaking, which I have hand burnished out on to some old newsprintUrbania-linocut – it's a kind of play on some of my photographs of Melbourne cityscapes, and includes of some 'John Brack Collins St' people (down the bottom).  Lino cuts are quite fun to do (if you can move your arm that is!) – Lino is much more stable than the rubber (my earlier carving experiences), although it is difficult to get a 'positive' carving as it is a thin surface (about 1/4 inch), so to carve it all completely away, it is tricky to get it away (you often end up with striations) and so many are done in the negative.


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