More Pen & Ink


Most of what I do at Uni is hardly worth a mention, while there is lots of it, it is mostly big in scale (we usually work on A1 size cartridge, or bulky news, depending on the subject), which makes it difficult to scan or photograph, & it is often just 'exercises' and practising in various mediums.  We have come to the end of our 'pen & ink' workshops & the work was mostly done on a smaller scale, so I have scanned some to post.Seahorse in Ink  I did a copy of a seahorse I did last year, in watercolour, as I thought the tonal variation leant itself to this medium.  Of course the scan doesn't show it up, but I have used irridescent & silver inks, which give this little critter a 'slippery' fish look & makes the water glisten.Forest Floor in Ink  The page of 'forest floor' bits is a pretty dodgy scan, & of course much of the detail is lost…& the last two are the front & back cover of a little 'Zutter' book I did of ATC sized 'tree studies' at various times of the day.  'The Most Significant Tree' appears in the puddling ink, so after it dried, I emphasised it in the composition. Tree in the SunThe Most Significant Tree


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  1. Your works are amazing. Im sleeping, my eyes are closing but I had to keep up one more minute to write this to you. You inspire, you rock!
    A big hug from a Brazilian guy living in NZ

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