2 Up


Two-up-web While I was in China 18 months ago, I bought some solid calligraphy inks, but (gulping guiltily) I hadn't actually gotten around to using them, for lots of reasons.  Recently as a part of my course, we have been doing a 4 week block on ink drawing & as a result I have learned to use them & appreciate the detailing in the fine grain of the ground carbon.  It is a completely random effect as you have little control over how the ink 'puddles' & thus ultimately turns out.  This page I have complete is for Bekki's 'hands' journal, describing our traditional game of 2 up, played with pennies.  As Bek's is a fan of all things Asian, I thought this would be a good application for the inks.

(and YES, I managed to source some original pennies [these were discontinued in 1966 when our currency changed to decimal])


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