finally emerging from a blur


I think that this is the longest timespan I have ever had between blog posts, since I began blogging 3 years ago.  The legacy of preparing to evacuate 3 times, packing & unpacking, commencing uni and ongoing problems with my knee have left me rather despondant and not particularly communicative.  It's times like this that I hermitize.  So I apologise to anyone that was wondering.  I am still here – just a little caught up iwth myself.  Thankfully – our state is no longer on the high alerts we lived with for the last month……it has been both exhausting and mentally & emotionally draining not knowing if you are safe, being in a state of panic & the adrenaline rush as you once again try to prepare for the worst.  Then the drain from all of the heightened emotions kicks in which has left me feeling not very creative.  Anything I create could be burnt tomorrow – or next week – I haven't even been drawing (which is sad after faithfully drawing everyday for 7 months!) Thankfully we are all safe and without loss.  Regretfully – so many others aren't.  Tragedy is all around and there is a pervading sense of loss and disbelief.

IMG_0009_resize My 'creating' over the last month has been sporadic – I have commenced my course – which is an adventure of itself – but have been mostly working night & day to get some 'wares' prepared for my little market stall at the Soul Arts Retreat.  These are some little 'cupcake' pincushions I have for sale, which were fun to do – but VERY time consuming – if I was paid an hourly rate – they'd have to sell for about $80!!  I know – few people actually MAKE money from art – it just doesn't happen.  OK – working on NOT being cynical – it's difficult to recoupe a reasonable rate for the hours it takes to make something!  It's late & I'm tired – I just wanted to break the ice & write something – I hope to talk more tomorrow.


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  1. here in the UK, we heard about the dreadful fires and cant imagine going through this sort of heartache. I found your blog through Dolores’ blog, and was very touched by your posts. It is awful when your creativity takes a nosedive, but the good news is that although you cant force it, it does come back. I love your cupcakes! With all my good wishes, Shirley I.

  2. Simply gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear you have been having troubles, your blog is always a creative inspiration full of fresh and good ideas.
    Crafting for a living is hard and I wish you all the best.

  3. It’s good to have you back! Since you hadn’t written for a while I had been hoping that you were all safe. I’m glad you are!
    Your cupcakes are beautiful! What a lot of detailed work! Hope all is going well for you.

  4. Hi Keron….I can only try to imagine what life has been like for you recently. I sincerely hope things continue to improve from now on and you have a long and happy period of calm.
    The cupcakes look gorgeous – I especially love the green one; looks good enough to eat! Glad the dolls and heart arrived safely…..
    Linda x

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