The House of Dying


IMG_2975_resize Moving on from all of the 'metallness' I wus telling you about in the last post – now my house kinda looks like a Chinese laundry!!!!  I am doing a whole lot of dying, packaging up beautiful threads, embroideries & fabrics in preparation for a fabulous Creative Soul retreat.  My classes are with Stephanie Lee & DJ Pettitt, which I am JUST ACHING for – Bernie Berlin is also going to be there spreading her cleverness to everything she touches!  It's only three weeks away now, I booked in SUCH a long time ago, and finally it is here.  My hubbie is EXTREMELY easy going to put up with this – there is hardly a surface that doesn't have a bowl on it with dye in it, or things being laid out to cut up – or some other mess!  There are some benefits to having a messy husband – at the times when you are happy to have things messy – he's cool and it doesn't worry him.  I found out a long time ago, as long as it doesn't disrupt eating or sleeping – he doesn't care what I'm doing!  LOL!!!


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  1. Wow Keron all those fibres look fabulous – sure you will have a blast at the retreat, can’t wait to check back and see what you create.
    I am going to my first Art retreat here in the UK – 20-22 March, I am so excited I can’t tell you! I have never done anything like this and I am really looking forward to having proper instruction, hands on tuition – books and online classes are great but it will be fab to have the input of real people 🙂
    take care – thought of you today, and all those who lost their lives in the bush fires, the memorial service was lovely (for want of a better word)
    God bless and have fun xxxx

  2. Wow, what a wonderful bunch of colourfulness! Isn’t it getting exciting now…..not many more sleeps ’til we have creativity overload and get to meet so many virtual friends that will become reality friends! 😉

  3. These are delicious Keron… would love to see the messy kitchen draped with all manner of sumptuous coloured ribbons and fabrics…Sounds like Aladins cave to me!!!
    Definately be stopping by your shop for some of these goodies, such beautiful colours.

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