Life is busy – and complicated


US-heros-RHS-web US-heros-LHS-web Life is busy and as I have said in the title – complicated – at the moment.  I am doing a whole lot of experimenting with metals in the hopes to produce something per-itttty spesh – BUT it's been much trial – MANY errors and NOT much result lately.    HUGE mess – my kitchen has looked like one of those ferral back alley factories where 'widgets' are made.  You know, the ones that lean, gawky looking, grime covered men come out of at 4 o'clock, carrying an aging esky (themal lunch carrier) & a time battered thermos with only remenants of the colour it used to be… ……urkkkk………it's a mess….I need to work in the kitchen as I don't have water in my studio (which is really a big bedroom that was seconded the day my youngest moved out)…………I am hoping in time to have a bigger studio with plumbing – I have been saving an old enamel sink 4eva – especially for this purpose……..THIS IS THE DAY THOUGH – I have some new process and products to try today and I have spent DAYS talking to 'knowers' so I have a whole lot of different ideas to try today.  Hopefully one of them works!

The collage pages above are for a fellow Paper Trader's RR journal on American Idols, depicting one of my 'non art' passions – THE WEST WING – my life would be complete if it just went 4EVA – I mean – how many shows do you get where there is no constant soap opera drama's, needless swearing, overly embarrasing steamy sex scenes, and there IS fascinating dialogue that still intrigues me despite having watched it 27 times!  These pages are quite 'clean' work compared to what I ordinarily do for collage, but I didn't want to obscure the elements of the page – and wanted to keep it RED, WHITE & BLUE (ie the colours of the flag) without 'muddying' it up as I normally would with Walnut Ink or Moonglow or something.

And of course all of this set within the context of our state being on fire – I don't know if it is possible – but I think that I have run out of adrenaline – we have been on fire alert for so long now (2 weeks) – everytime the fire siren rings out (we are at the base of a mountainside, & the  township below us) – I furtively look around the house – check the fire service website (when I have a connection) – and feel a little disoriented - I keep looking around me – wondering whether this could be it.Adorn-segment-web

With each alert – I have continued to par down with regard to ‘packing to go’ – the first time I threw a whole lot of my rubber stamps loose, into a 'green' shopping bag (I realized the folly of this later – faced with the  mammoth job of resorting them and putting them back afterward), I had some of my art journals and handmade books

I am resigned now with getting just my portable harddrive, (about the size of a small hardcovered book) the dogs and I have two boxes of photos that are living on our kitchen bench at the moment – if the rest goes – it goes – that’s just how it is. 

THANK YOU – THANK YOU to all of you kind, dear heARTed people who have emailed to see Mothers heART segment webhow we are going – and that we are safe.  You don't have to worry – we are fine – the main fires are no where near us – we just live in a quite vunerable area that has a major fire every 4 -6 years and despite my DH INSISTING – it'd never happen in our particular street because of some geography – fire doesn't go 'down a mountainside' yada, yada, yada – I just don't know where he gets such trollop – in these fires he'd have be the one burnt in the car trying to escape after realising that infact fires can and often do – WHAT they like!) – and it's just all a bit worrying being amongst it right now.  One of the LOVEly sides of the art community has been how many people have been emailing and keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.  AGAIN – thank you.  Lately I have been battling my old enemy, then tension between anonymity and recognition – sometimes I want to tell the world everything and have you all laugh, cry and love with me – and other times I don't want to talk at all.  Add to that a few change of life hormones and ongoing financial challenges, and BINGO! – a perfect combo for dissolving into a sad and sorry lump.
My jewellery pliers have been busy - working hard on some new 'story telling jewellery'.  Darling Nina calls it 'Narrative Jewellery' how I DO love that name – she is SO clever!  Alpha stamps is releasing a whole lot of new jewellery product & it is just starting to trickle into the online shop – it's from Bekky Nunn and it is JUST divine.  I can only show you snippets at the moment, cost it's not all released – but it's really nice….go check it out.


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  1. What a fun bunch of jewelry pieces! I am having lots of fun making “narative jewelry”
    I didn’t realize that the fires were STILL burning there. How hard that must be to live through all that tension. I hope they get those fires out soon and some peace returns to your life.
    Have a good day!

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