My first heARTfelt adventure


Well – I’ve done it – I shared my heART for the first time! What an adventure. I had an errand near the airport and because of the nature of it I had my DH with me. He’s on board with my heARTfelt ADVENTURE – but still a bit sketchy about the details – but he was happy to drop me off and do a blockie & come back & pick me up (you can’t really stop there – you have to go into the paid car park) I really imagined that I’d just easily drop my heART off somewhere and a traveller would pick it up and it would be on it’s way to somewhere exotic and I would just go again. I didn’t find it as easy as I thought to let it go – to leave it somewhere & not imagine it being not noticed or even worse – thrown out accidentally! You would be amazed how many ROUNDED things there are in an airport and it wouldn’t sit there, just comfortably……. anyways – I dithered – and dithered – I kept being stopped because I was taking pictures for my story here – boy security is tight – even the person putting the flag up asked me what I was doing taking pictures – SURELY terrorists aren’t posing as fat, red haired ladies are they???? The first thing I saw was a baggage cart – I tried it, but had trouble getting it to stay in the cart – the holes in the frame are quite big – & it fell out several times – even trying to get a pic of it. Then I thought about the seating – there were so many people there – and the seats were dark, so maybe it wouldn’t be noticed (my heart was dark, reclaimed timber) – AND there were lots of people around, so it would be difficult to leave it & just slip away…I DO WANT THIS TO BE ANNOYMOUS…….I contemplated a Thomas the Tank engine child’s ride – but maybe it’d fall off & fall on the ground and not be found for YEARS – til the machine broke down or something like that – ooo – the ladies toilet – GREAT idea – always lots of people in & out there – toooo busy – couldn’t just leave it & go  –  hmmm……a public phone…DO PEOPLE STILL EVEN USE THOSE???? ..too tricky, it wouldn’t stay there… a vending machine? Lots of people go there & SURELY they need LOVE……I couldn’t get my hand down into the output slot which was as tall as a soft drink can – ok……..autobank – YES – THAT’s a good idea – every single surface is rounded – didn’t work………STRAIGHT PAST THE KRISPY KREME – do NOT pass GO – DO NOT COLLECT a doz. original glaze DONUTS!!!!……… mmmmm…..donuts……… uh??? where wus I…. oh yeah – the heART – the heART Keron – concerntrate – ok – so the flight lounge, the sunglasses shop, the bookshop, the cafe & the bar were all discounted for various imaginings that my mind conjured up and FINALLY – (all of this took an HOUR! and yes….. DH was fast becoming IM [impatient monster]….’common’ Darhl – how hard can it be???? ) I left it on the floor in the lift – I left it there – then worried, and thought I should get it back from there – perhaps that was a dumb place & when the lift came back down, a woman with a pram and a couple of littlies came out of the lift and the heart was still on the floor – unnoticed – IT WAS MY heART for goodness sake – AND she didn’t even notice – ok, I’m ok – that’s ok – just then about 4 people came up altogether to go into the lift and I am just staring into it, not getting in the lift – but not letting it go – not sure whether to pick up my heART or not – and so they got in – and I released it, and it was gone……it’s on it’s journey now – I REALLY didn’t expect it to be that difficult – I think that next time I will choose a bus stop@!!! LOL!!!


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