Sadly, the toll of our bushfires have increased hugely – with currently 173 known deaths, but many more people unaccounted for & thought to have also perished. Sad news & sader to come. 

I wanted to be a part of the answer and bring some LOVE into the world and share my heart…… I have started a new networking site called LOVE it FORWARD & I'd love you to be a part of it. 
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Anyways – I have e-talked to Steph – and she has released me to run with it – I just feel that there are SO MANY people in the world right now that are down on their luck, facing financial challenges due to the economic meltdown the world is facing, a HUGE increase in the amount of people suffering depression – PEOPLE NEED LOVE – so what this networking site is about is randomly sending out into the world things you make with hearts on them (this makes it a HEARTfelt gift).  A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS to someone known, or unknown.  Obviously they need to be made of something durable – obviously something that you can mark in some way that is permenant.  I am thinking wood, metal, cloth, etc

 It needs to have 2 things on it

 ‘I love You’ or ‘You are Loved’  AND

It’s your choice to just leave it somewhere like in a supermarket trolley, or on a train, or a bus, or in a letterbox – or pic a random address and mail it – or send it to someone you know – either anonymously, or identifying yourself if you want to.

The plan is to track the heart via the Ning network – to follow it’s journey – and to learn about how your love sent out into the world – makes an impact on people’s lives. 

To start with though, as a first project, I have a favour to ask –

 Individuals own button I’d love for you to make something for me to share with the Victorian Bushfire Victims.  On one of the early news reports there was a car, will a small child in it – had ash all on his face and hands, a snotty nose, tears streaming down his face, just babbling incoherently, (and he was probably about 4 or so and past babbling in any normal situation) – I JUST cried when I saw it.  I thought of our two darling Grandbabies and thought of how distraught either of them would be without their special ‘comforter’ (a teddy for one & a satin edged blanket for the other)…….and then I thought of all of the adults that would be feeling the same without their ‘special things’ (valuable or not)……..the idea of creating some ‘dolls’ to distribute to them came from wanting to do something meaningful.  Their more immediate needs of food and shelter and money are being taken care of by the emergency services and the government – but I am SURE that no one is thinking to make them beautiful things in a time of such ugliness.  I am hoping this will be a significant thing for them over time.

My original thoughts were that it was a specific doll pattern that I created – but I am just not getting my head around that at the moment – with so many dolls out there – I didn’t want it to be the same – and all of my existing designs are a bit too cottagy for my liking now (I designed dolls for about 5 years in my country phase in the early 90’s) – so I’ll hand it over to you – any kind of doll you like – only criteria – 6” or less high and it has a FELT heart on the OUTSIDE – so it is HEARTfelt!  Be mindful of decorative add ons for anything that may be for children (though these won’t all be for children) – for kids it is best all cloth & embroidery (without beads) & the inclusion of satin for littlies always goes down well.  (an old silk tie will work).

SO – cute, softie style, elegant, regular, irregular – over to you.

When you have made it/them, could you name your creation, & upload the pics to the photo album, and lets wait & see where it ends up…….where your heart will bring love to someone else.  Make sure it has

  • ‘I love You’ or ‘You are Loved’

which gives people a chance to respond & share the journey of your doll.  When it's ready email me & I can give you my address to mail it to. I will take them in batches of 12-20 depending on how many I am sent.

If you could get onto it asap, that’d be great – although I am sure the need will go on for some time – people are going to be dispersed as they find other places to live while their homes and towns are being rebuilt.  Currently people are being housed in army tents on ovals.

It is TOTALLY possible that you may make something – send it out into the world – and you never hear anything ever again –  BUT – it is better to have loved, and lost, than to have never loved at all.

oh, and don't forget to ask your friends………….LOVEly


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  1. Keron – I have been so worried about all of my Australian artist friends, including you! I’m so glad to see you are safe. I’m going to start working on some dolls right now. Marva (I’ve also done a post on my blog and added a badge).

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