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MY DRAW IS NOW CLOSED – the winners will be announced on LOVE IT FORWARD on FEB 12 midnight Victoria, Australian Time (GMT +10)

 The installation of a new president, ushering in a new era in politics in the United States has had a rippling effect across the world…… there is a renewed sense of hope that has been sadly lacking in our society – in our economy and in people in general – as I said in my last post – depression seems to be the plague of our age.  In the mid '90's I was studying at degree level (University) – and one of the lecturers commented that within 20 years – 50% of people would be effected by some sort of mental illness and that more than 25% of work related illness would be to do with mental illness.  At that time, there was not as much known about it and it really was not prevelant – so his predictions seemed skewed – but here we are – and here it is…………..SO – I want to continue to be a part of the answer……. I have just had a give away on my blog – and I had forgotten about One World One Heart coming up…….so I have been a little slower to get on board………… One World, One Heart PhotoI think is one of the projects that wards of bleak thoughts – it is a project of hope and friendship and stretches across the world through art……… the brain child of Lisa Swifka

One World-One Heart….. is a wonderful concept – it's AMAZING GENEROSITY on behalf of artists across the world……. Bloggers from all over the world are giving awAbundant Life webay beautiful treasures to 'share the ART love' so to speak. The purpose is to encourage people, to visit other blogs and make connections – I have often commented how much I LOVE the GENEROSITY of the art world – and this is just another example of it……If you'd like more information (it is not too late to get your own blog on board) click on the logo.


by February 11th, and I will announce the winner on February 12th. My giveaway is open to everyone BUT 

you must leave your email address with your comment so I have a way of contacting you if you are the winner!

If you are are the winner, I will email you on the day – if I haven't heard from you by 14th Feb, I will redraw…….PLEASE don't forget.

When you click on the globe above you will be taken to the site that will explain everything, and show you a list of every participating artists. Visit all the blogs! Leave comments! Win prizes! Check back on the One World site often, as new blogs will be listed as their authors sign up. Leaf Pool  Here are my gifts – a hand made leaf pool – made with metal elements & glass beads, measuring approx 2in.  It's a lovely piece full of colour, light and reflection, you could add it to a chain, a ribbon, a journal or assemblage.  My SECOND gift is a lovely amulet necklace made with crystals & glass beads on hand dyed soft blue ribbon.  (approx 4 inches long)……….. Don't forget to leave your email address when leaving a comment.


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  1. I just love the philosophy of the OWOH event. Thanks so much for YOUR generous giveaway…what a GREAT prize…so unique. I would be thrilled to win!
    awaerhouse at gmail dot com

  2. i hope you are well and safe from all the fires that are burning in your country.
    Please enter me in your drawing, your pieces are beautiful! I have hope with our new president that the whole world will become a better place.

  3. Your work is beautiful.
    I would be delighted to win either piece.
    Please enter me into the draw and thanks for your generosity.
    Lynda – Australia
    lyndat65 at

  4. I want that dragonfly… and if I don’t win it, can you make another? This one is calling me like none other!
    Please enter me in your giveaway and if you haven’t entered mine, please come on by!
    (#905 – OWOH ) Jana
    P.S. I’ll be coming back to hang out …I started late entering and I’m rushing to get to all of them! …
    So many giveaways – so little time! πŸ™‚

  5. What a great give-away!! Please count me in! If you haven’t entered my give-away, please stop by my blog (lucky #1/
    and enter to win one of my two prizes! Thank you for participating in this fabulous event, and very nice to meet you πŸ™‚
    Peace & Love

  6. I am so sorry about what has happened with your fires and weather in Australia. I will pray about this during my prayer time with the Lord.
    I too am in my late 40’s, still have a couple of teens home though and that is o.k. I am a homeschooling mom of over 20 years-Cheers!
    Keep going on your drawing of portraits!
    Hope someday to win one of your prizes!
    Massachusetts, USA

  7. Such a lovely giveaway! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway. My heart goes out to you and your family in the loss of your grandchildren.

  8. Keron,
    You do wonderfully unique work- Please enter me in your giveaway.
    I am a quilter from Western Canada.
    You can find my blog at

  9. Beautiful pendants! I love the idea to use silk ribbon for the neclace! Please put me in your drawing and if you get the chance check mine out too #906.

  10. Hi Keron. I too know about depression and stuff. Lovely to be reminded of how beautiful your art is.
    I would love to have a chance to receive your give away.

  11. Hi,
    WOW, this is a wonderful event!!! I’m from Oz the Land Down-Under too. It’s very nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m in for my second year and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. Oh, I’d love to be entered for your give-away and I want to say ‘thanks’ for dropping by my blog.

  12. Beautiful!
    Thank you for joining in and letting me see your blog.
    I will be teaching for the first time at Art and Soul and Artfirberfest. This bloggy world is so much fun with Art every where. Throw my hat into the ring for your giveaway too. And please come see my Blog and my giveaway if you haven’t already. January 19th post.
    click here for me
    My husband has a music giveaway too.
    click here for my husband John Doan
    Happy New Year and Artful Blessings.

  13. Wow, both items are beautiful. The leaf pool is so unique. What a creative piece of work. Thank you for participating in the wonderful giveaway. Please enter my name into your drawing. It would be such a delight and honor to win. Jody

  14. i love your giveaway!!! i am a frequent visitor to your blog and so admire your work. thank you for offering such a great giveaway! come over to my blog if you have the time
    OWOH participant #620

  15. What a fantastic giveaway!
    Please enter me! and if you have time, stop by my blog and check my giveaway out!!
    Anna Banana
    Wisconsin – USA
    Anna Banana Creations

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m so pleased you like my doll ^-^!
    I had a look for some of your dolls on here but couldn’t find any, those mohair rabbits are adorable by the way ^-^!
    Please count me in to your draw, I particularly love that dragonfly, lovely!
    Holly (aka dinkydivas) xoxo

  17. I love both of them. Yes you are right, artist, particularly women artist seem so willing to share with others. You blog looks interesting and I am bookmarking it so I can come back and visit. Please enter my name in your drawing and if you have a chance, come on over to #709 IdaClare and sign up for mine. Thanks!

  18. Wow! These are absolutely exquisite pieces of jewellery.
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity of winning such beautiful jewellery.
    Sabina (From South Australia)
    (I don’t have a Blog)

  19. Greetings from Sydney! πŸ™‚
    They are two beautiful pieces!! I love the leaf – very natural colours…and the amulet pendant is cute! I love the “life” word art you’ve put on there! πŸ™‚
    Please enter my name in the draw! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your generosity.
    All the best,
    gloomy_liv AT yahoo DOT com DOT au

  20. WOW- your offering are beautiful-I especially love the pendant. You have many things I want to check out later on your blog- definitly going to book mark it. Please add my name to your generous drawing and thank you. Nancy

  21. I would love to win your giveaway. Thank you for being part of OWOH and if you haven’t already, stop by and register for my entry. If I happen to win, I won’t be able to contact back until Feb. 16th.

  22. So delightful!! Yes, please, I would love to have my name added for your giveaway:-) Thank you! xo
    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway for a faerie box…I’m #770.

  23. What beautiful work you do. Thank you so much for the giveaways. Please enter me in your drawing.
    cowgirltazz (at) yahoo (dot) com

  24. Oh my, what a lovely piece of art. My kind of art!! I would be jumping for joy if I won it. Thanks so much for participating. annmarie (

  25. these are both GORGEOUS, i would be delighted to
    receive either piece!!
    owoh #177
    (although, like a total goof, I WAS signing 277 for a time–sorry to the REAL 277!!)

  26. You’ve made great giveaways! this is so much fun. Please enter my name to be picked in your giveaway. Stop by and visit my giveaway when you have time if you haven’t done so yet.

  27. What a beautiful piece of art. I think I would hang that on the wall in my office rather than wear it – it is lovely. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  28. These are so beautiful! I would love to win…I would jump for joy to win something the day after my 20th anniversary!
    I have never been to this event before so after seeing so many presents, I became a participant!
    I am so amazed at the generosity. I am particularly moved by some of the comments that are so heartfelt.
    This has really inspired me to be more creative and to blog more. I have enjoyed meeting you and getting in touch with your blog.
    Come and visit me on Picklebeans!

  29. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. We really appreciate you coming. I’m glad you like my dolls. I just took the opportunity to visit The Colour Guru and really enjoyed your work. I sure would love to give that necklace a good home.

  30. These are so wonderful – just love them! And I am thrilled to have found your blog as well. It’s awesome!!!
    Thank you for the very kind comment on our mechanical bird cottage giveaway. I have also added your blog link and have subscribed so I don’t miss a thing.
    On a much more somber note I didn’t know what you meant about loosing a little one relating to the She Sleeps piece. I’m so sorry for your loss. Perhaps you can write and fill me in sometime???
    Take care and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch through our blogs.
    Kerin Gale
    OWOH Caravan # 498

  31. ~*I have come so that they may have (everlasting) life*~
    I hope to win so that I can wear this piece often and share the meaning!
    If you have not already done so-
    Come over to my place and sign up too!!!!!!
    It’s fun!
    I’m sharing Swarovski crystals and rhinestones as well as other goodies!
    Amber Dawn

  32. Wow, your artwork is lovely. I’d love to win the gorgeous leaf pool or the awesome pendant! Please include me in your drawing.
    I am also participating in this wonderful event!
    Please stop by if you haven’t already.
    Greetings from Germany,
    quiltmoose (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  33. Oh my goodness, both are absolutely gorgeous! I am especially drawn to the leaf, though – I love the deep greens and the dragonfly! Please count me in. πŸ™‚
    And please feel free, too, to stop by my blog to enter my own OWOH giveaway!

  34. Keron, it’s Marianne again! I forgot to tell you how you inspired me to start drawing again! It had been a very long time since I had done any drawing at all, so thank you for the inspiration. I started drawing faces in my art journal and have really enjoyed it. Have a great day!

  35. Keron, those pieces are beautiful! I made 6 collage pendants for all my sisters and my mom for Christmas. It had an old photo of our grandmother in it with things that she loved. It was so fun to make. I can’t wait to make more with different collages for my daughters. You can see a photo of it on my blogsite if you’d like! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  36. How gorgeous, I love the amazing colours in both of these pieces. Please include me in this lovely giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  37. I was just hopping from one blog to another. And so I discovered OWOH!! Great, sharing creativity all over the world!! And so… I created my own blog this week…for all of you!!
    You have 2 great giveaways!! The leaf pool is so lovely, and I adore the necklace…
    Someone, somewhere.. will be very happy with it… I can only dream it’s me :)!!
    Greetings from Belgium,

  38. what lovely gifts to givaway!
    i would love to win
    either one,
    for sure.
    how generous of you.
    thank you for popping into my blog–
    the one with the verdant necklace.
    so nice to meet you
    and do drop in again.

  39. Wow! What gorgeous pieces!! I’d love to win either of them. I’m just amazed by the talent and generosity of everyone participating in this event. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!!

  40. Since I always find myself lucky with you, I am hoping for another big win – LOL! Thanks for joining OWOH… I have been having fun blog hopping with this and am trying to figure out what I have or could do that would be a worthy prize so that I can join in the giving… the weekend is almost here so that will give me a little free time to plan something out =) Love you!!!

  41. such pretty work…new to this OWOH but such a great idea- having so much fun reading others blogs and meeting others blog hopping-

  42. Oooo! OOooo!! PICK ME!! πŸ™‚ What gorgeous pieces you have created! I love them both!! Please do enter my name in the drawing & come over to visit my blog! latharia(at)comcast(dot)net πŸ˜€

  43. I’m having so much fun making friends and blog-hopping again this year.
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I’m chosen as the lucky winner!!!

  44. So glad you are participatind so am I. This is my first year and so I’m slowly learning the ropes. Please sign me up for a chance to win one of your lovely creations!!!

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