Post Christmas Fervour


    Everyday-Journal-front-coveBenjamin-Button-webI hope you all enjoyed the free images to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas.  We have been on a short break staying with some interstate friends. We had some lovely days on the beach, rode the Sydney ferries and saw exhibitions of both Monet and Degas' work, on display in various of our major galleries along the way.  I was thrilled to catch up with my special sketching friend Liz and touched at Christmas by the generosity of another special sketching buddy Fred.  Despite all of the bad things that you hear about the internet and it's risks – I LOVE how it brings the art community across the world together - I can scan something I am struggling with across the world and in a matter of minutes someone can be looking at it and adding their suggestions for improvement.  It's just fabulous.  These are just some VERY ordinary snippets from my 'Everyday Journal' – something that I have aspirations will look beautiful in time – but for now, it's just a collection of snippets, unrefined sketches and other bits'n'bobs & ephemera of daily life.  Back to the exhibitions - The other thing we saw was at our National Archives – an exhibition of amazing tales of post WW1 – and it's impact on Australian finances, families and society as a whole.  Very moving stories – Monet was interesting – not the 'life changing' experience that I thought it would be, but still great.  Degas – on the other hand WAS life changing – wow – what a master - I had only vaguely been aware of his work – as 'the guy who painted ballerinas'  He was SO much more – but that will be my next post!Pelicans-web
  Genes-of-a-Mermaid webNational-Gallery-webSacrifice-web


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