On the SEVENTH day of Christmas


Vasnetsov_Frog_PrincessMy TRUE love gave to me – seven swans a swimming – look at them here – they are not just swimming – they are flying as well!! LOL!!!  This is rather like what I imagine the 'travelling court' of a dignitory or a monarch would be……..fascinating!  Thermidor The small image, is SO small, you might wonder why I bothered – but I love the woman's expression and I thought you still might be able to use it for SOMETHING (a postage stamp?  an inchie??? LOL!!!)   Swanlakelegnani the B&W is a very early (c. 1885?) pic from the Russian Ballet production of Swan Lake (ok – there's much more around about 'ladies dancing' than 'Swans Swimming' – so this is a bit of artistic licence!)

The seventh day is to remind us of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

1. Prophecy
2. Ministry
3. Teaching
4. Exhortation
5. Giving
6. Leading
7. Compassion

You can read about them here and here

DON'T FORGET – Please leave a comment and a link on the day with the image of any of them you use and on January 14th I will draw a winner – to recieve one of my original pieces of artwork.


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