On the SIXTH Day of Christmas


Goosy_Goosy_Gander_01 On the SIXTH Day of Christmas – my true love gave to me – SIX geese a-laying…. what a wonderful sight – have you ever cooked or made cakes with goose eggs?  They are SOOOOOO luxurious – you can make 6" high sponges with these babies!  They have such huge yolks – in fact a place in Melbourne uses them on 'gorment' hamburgers – the hamburger is $30AUD though!  (they are about $5AUD from a take away shop and about $3AUD from McDonalds)



Traditionally – the 6th day is to remind us of the six days of creation – although this is a sticking point with some people there is much wonder in these verses about creation……….have you ever read them? As important as that – we also need to remember in our busy world – that God commanded a day of REST – something we find difficult to achieve in our fast paced 21st century lives!  Take some time today to be alone – to be separate to embrace bordom and let your mind wander a little on to 'The Road Less Travelled'

Creation_of_Eve   Sur_la_greve








DON'T FORGET – Please leave a comment and a link on the day with the image of any of them you use and on January 14th I will draw a winner – to recieve one of my original pieces of artwork.


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