On the SECOND Day of Christmas


For my Southern Hemisphere Art Friends - hi, how are you, did you have a lovely day yesterday? For my Northern Hemisphere readers – I hope you have a lovely Christmas SophieAnderson_TheTurtleDoveSmall Day today – MERRY CHRISTMAS & THANKS FOR BEING A PART OF MY ART WORLD

It IS Boxing Day here in Oz – but we explored the meaning of all of that quite thoroughly last year (look under Christmas & scroll down to last year's post on this if you'd like to read up about Boxing Day) So as promised yesterday  and as I said yesterday – I am going to spend the traditional 12 Days of Christmas this year – exploring their traditional meaning.  Today is the SECOND Day of Christmas – and My True Love (God) sent to me -TWO TURTLE DOVES.  They represent God's word to the world Old and New Testaments.  These books are here as a guide and life pattern – to tell us about history, as evidence of God's love for us and as a guide book for a successful life.  This gorgeous image above is free for you to use, I am sorry that it is not particularly high res. (so is best suited for ATC's or small prints)Doves-esbe The ones below, however, are quite hi-res and hopefully you will enjoy using them over & over.  The 'doves' page is from a Russian farming book & they colour up nicely with marker or a wash of acrylic glaze – or of course – MOONGLOW!!!! (junkie!)34-caccia_tortore%2CTaccuino_Sanitatis%2C_Casanatense_4182_

Please leave a comment and a link on the day with the image of any of them you use and on January 14th I will draw a winner – to recieve one of my original pieces of artwork.


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  1. Thanks for the images.. just found your site today.. so haven’t used any yet.. some very beautiful pics here..
    all the best in the new year..

  2. Ooooh, love all those pretty birdies! Thanks for sharing. It’s still very early Christmas morning here and I have barely climbed out of bed but I am looking forward to a day spent with friends. Hope your Christmas was full of blessings – Happy Boxing Day!

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