Samfira-web Meet Samfira – it's been a bit of a full on week & she is a mirror of my reflective & contemplative thoughts this week.   Although I know I am not TOTALLY 'gettin' it' yet, I am really enjoying exploring other ethnicity's facial structure.  Poor Samfira – she has a nose that you could use for a trumpet it's so big!  Not my intentions – it just kinda evolved that way.  I have used chalks, acrylics and gold leaf on this piece and I tried to use my silly Krylon pen – I swear – every time I post a bad thing about this stupid pen, I have heaps of people message me to say how much they love theirs – I don't whether they send Krylon 'lemons' to Oz or whether It just doesn't like to work in the various ways I want to use it….. so save your emails on that one – I get it lots of people love them – I tolerate it hoping a better alternative will come along!  LOL!  I am exploring a book by Jean Pederson called Expressive Portraits.  It's really great.  The thing that I especially like about it is how it encourages you and works through how to use 'non traditional' colours for faces – I am TOTALLY hooked on mango & diox violet as a palette – fabulous results with that……. but for now, I am working on my African faces, & will see how that goes.  This book gets 10/10 from me if you are past the inital – I don't know how to draw faces thing

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